Gunn Fired

That headline is too easy. Can people who have complicated surnames start doing controversial things, please? At least make it a challenge.

Yesterday, James Gunn — the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy series — was fired by Disney for Tweets he made back in 2008. Quotes of these Tweets can be found online with a quick search, but they were largely jokes about rape and pedophilia. The jokes weren’t funny, or in good taste, and I can understand why their sudden surfacing would make Disney feel uneasy.

Filmmakers are largely considered to be liberal icons, and if it had been revealed that a conservative figure had made these jokes, then the public would’ve called for their removal. So I can see why Disney responded by immediately firing Gunn, as it shows that their moral compass is bipartisan.

Or does it?

Disney continue to make Pirates of the Caribbean films, movies which star known wife-beater Johnny Depp. They also continue to use the Disney name, and as James Gunn’s jokes were a decade old, that means that (on occasion) they do care about the history of the people they’re associated with. I don’t need to tell you what kind of a person Walt Disney was behind his public persona, it’s well documented. Song of the South anyone?

I wrote earlier this week about WWE bringing Hulk Hogan back into the fold, and that’s because the media attention of his wrongdoings had died down enough to risk the comeback. So we know that big companies don’t really have a moral compass, but they do care very much about their public image and profits. If Johnny Depp’s actions got real, mainstream attention — then I have no doubt that Disney would reconsider another Pirates movie. However, few enough people know about his actions to justify the risk of his continued presence.

My absolute favourite thing about this story though, is how these Tweets came to light, and which “journalists” decided to bring down James Gunn.

Conservative website the Daily Caller broke the story on the Tweets, immediately after they did, many FOX News-Entertainment hosts called for Gunn’s firing. Now, I really appreciate that conservatives are starting to develop a moral code when it comes to what public figures say and do. Jokes about rape are absolutely not okay to make, particularly ones that show a blatant lack of awareness of the seriousness of the subject.

I 100% support the Daily Caller’s decision to run this story, it’s about time we call out the people who say things that don’t reflect the values of our society. Well done to the esteemed and reputable journalists at the Daily Caller!

But — hold on a minute. Aren’t the Daily Caller the same people who talk about Tommy Robinson — a militant racist who incites violence against ethnic minorities in the UK — as though he’s a victim?

Hang on a second, aren’t they the people who said that blatant racism wasn’t as bad as one woman using a misogynistic term against another?

Aren’t they a website that, terrifyingly, supports Trump when he attacks the FBI and supports Russia? A website that backs the morally repugnant pussy-grabber on his every move, no matter how anti-American it may be?

We know that Trump raped his ex-wife, why aren’t they going after him? Come on Daily Caller, at least be consistent with your new-found anti-rape viewpoint. I mean — Gunn “just” made jokes about rape, but the president of the United States has actually raped a woman!

“You cannot rape your spouse.” — Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer when asked to comment on the allegations. No denial of the act, just inaccurate defence of it.

Websites that have a liberal leaning bias, understand that Gunn needed to be punished for what he said. This gives them credibility, and a leg to stand on when they target right-wing figures who say (and do) worse things.

It’s a clear double standard in the case of the Daily Caller and James Gunn. They obviously don’t care about the morality of the Tweets, otherwise they wouldn’t support Tommy Robinson, Roseanne Barr and Donald J. Trump. So what’s it about? If it’s not the morals, then why did they use their elite journalism skills to go after a director for things he said in 2008?

Snowflakeslang, perjorative – A very sensitive person, a reactionist who is easily offended by the words or behaviors of someone else.

“Snowflake” is a common insult thrown at the left, by the right. Sometimes people on the left are reactionary, but typically that person can always justify exactly why they felt that way about the words or behaviours they were offended by.

An example of an exchange might be:

Person 1: I’m offended by the tweets made by Roseanne Barr.

Person 2: Pfft, liberal snowflake — it was just a joke!

Person 1: A racially charged joke that I find deeply insulting, due to the strong stance I’ve always taken against racism, as I don’t believe it’s healthy for our society.

Usually the person being called a snowflake is, in reality, standing for something. They’re showing they have a moral compass, or values, or simply what they won’t condone or allow in modern society. Making them not really a snowflake at all, as standing against racism isn’t an empty reactionist response designed to make them feel special, it’s a clear and coherent stand against something.

Now let’s try this exchange again, only with our current case study:

The Daily Caller: I’m offended by the tweets made by James Gunn

Liberal Snowflake: I agree with you, but why has this offended you?

The Daily Caller: Because of the strong stance we take against rape and making jokes about sensitive issues.

Liberal Snowflake: Hang on, but you support Trump, Tommy Robinson and freedom of speech without consequence — on a daily basis.

The Daily Caller: So?

Liberal Snowflake: So it shows an inconsistency in your values, which leads me to believe that your response to Gunn was rather reactionary, and without a clear moral viewpoint in place. It’s almost as though you don’t care about offensive jokes, unless they suit your agenda, which is very weak-willed and sensitive of you.

The Daily Snowflake: … But Hilary’s emails!?

I don’t care about Marvel movies, so there are zero personal consequences to Gunn’s firing for me. I do care about the hypocrisies found in conservative media and “journalism”, and so this story has been interesting, at the very least.

According to the morals of the Daily Caller — Rape jokes are bad, if made by liberals, but raping your spouse is absolutely fine. So fine, that you deserve to be president.

Today is Saturday, July 21st and they’ve made Sparx the dragonfly really beefy in the upcoming Spyro the Dragon remaster.

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