Social Media Warfare

Diplomacy used to be a long and difficult process, now it’s just saying something in all-caps, in two-hundred and eighty characters or less. It’s incredible that we’re going to experience terror attacks over the next few years, just because a Baby Boomer doesn’t think that social media has consequences.

Let’s ignore the hypocrisy of today’s Tweet for a second, in which we read the words of a demented and violent madman, as he attacks another demented and violent madman.

As is always the way with the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump (remember, this is really happening), you have to look beyond the showmanship to figure out what’s really going on here.

It used to be (in the way back of about two years ago) that foreign policy was discussed and debated over time, with press secretaries then answering questions, for the people to understand the position of the government. Now; The Tweets happen first. The President already has something underway, and so the government, press and people can only play catch-up.

These empty threats on social media all look a little familiar, don’t they? Remember ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Dotard’ from last year? Where the shit Alan Sugar would exchange regular insults with the boy who would be King?

Some would argue that the Twitter-insult strategy worked, due to the never-before held “peace” talks that took place a couple of months back. We know that the reality of those talks were all pomp, as North Korea has zero timeframe (or plans) for denuclearisation. It’s a fact that peace talks took place, I will give Trump that — but it’s also a fact that nothing actually happened at them beyond him eating a few plates of deep-fried chicken.

One could argue that it’s starting to look as though dangerous and militant countries have a lot to gain from a social media war with America. North Korea are now more popular than ever, with Trump one step closer to calling them an ally — after shunning long-held allies in Canada and Europe. Now we have Americans with orange-man syndrome, who genuinely believe that North Korea are a good country, just because their God had a perceived diplomatic victory there.

This is something that, presumably, will have been Kim Jong-un’s aim from the start of their exchange. As perception is often the key to power. Before the Trump presidency, this man was vilified by the entire world for starving his own people to death, threatening the entire world, and killing off his own family members. Now, post-Trump, he’s being touted by the leader of America as “smart”, “funny” and “someone who loves his people”.

A year ago, Kim Jong-un was rightfully on the sidelines. Now, his behaviour hasn’t changed at all and yet he’s in the conversation of prominent world leaders. I’d say that’s a man who got exactly what he wanted, via a not-too-bright American president, and at the expense of American diplomacy.


I can’t help but speculate (and that’s all this is) that we’re about to see the exact same thing from Iran. Trump will attack via Twitter and there will be a war of words, maybe a few terror attacks — which let’s face it Republican politicians love those, they’ve been proven to increase support of right-wing parties.

Oh they salivate whenever they goad a country into committing acts of terror against America, you can almost see it in post-tragedy press conferences. Keep an eye out next time.

Anyway — eventually Trump will land some “historic peace talks” with Iran, only for us to learn that nothing really happened at them. He’ll tell us that plans are in place for Iran to roll back their military activity, but some other countries in the middle-east will say otherwise. Before you know it, President Hassan Rouhani will be considered an ally, a very “smart” and “funny” man, who “loves his people”.

I wonder if Trump buddies up to these citizen-killing psychopaths, and shuns the diplomatic and democratic nations of the West, because he identifies with them more. He joked about wanting all Americans to stand to attention and listen to him when he talks, as North Koreans do with Kim Jong-un. He said it was a joke, but do people make jokes about wanting to be authoritarian leaders? It’s said that comedy is a way of telling your truth without any real consequence.

He probably thinks he’s a “smart” and “funny” man, who “loves his people” — when we know he’s none of the above. My wife, friends and family are all smarter than him. I’m funnier than the man who looks like a commission Salvador Dali half-finished before throwing it in a fire. And I’m fairly certain that an undiscovered species, from millions of lightyears away, love the American people more than Trump does. Yet I don’t want any of those people/lifeforms to lead the country.

Personally, I think that all countries do a lot of bad things, and apart from maybe Iceland, we’re all guilty of committing terrible acts against each other. My concern is that America is now partnering with the countries that do the really terrible things — such as killing their own citizens — and backing away from the ones that are at least trying to create reasonably fair and equal societies.

Obviously, for a country that’s still considered a Democracy, November can’t some soon enough. America can decide that they prefer the company of Canada and Europe, to Russia and North Korea, by voting out any Republican party members who’ve blindly backed Trump. That’s not to say that you have to vote Democrat, no — I was impressed by some Republicans last week, who condemned Trump’s treasonous language — just get rid of his yes men, who’ll back us into a third world war, where America are on the “bad guy” side.

If this madness continues, then it could be that social media will be how we deal with every serious issue from now on. Facebook polls will decide the winner of the 2020 presidential election. World leaders will be able to swipe left or right on the faces of each other — that’s how peace treaties will begin, or how wars will start. The first nuclear attack on the West will happen when Putin “Didn’t get 1,000 likes on a photo he posted on Instagram”, and the Trump pee-pee tapes will be the first example of revenge porn that leads to a world war.

Today is Monday, July 23rd and I’m either watching pro-wrestling or consuming global politics in my spare time. Send help.

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