Let the Crazy Speak for Itself

Some reality TV star held a rally last night, presumably to advertise the new season of The Apprentice or something. Oh no, that’s right — He’s the 45th President of the United States of America.

He’s like a 60s captain of the USS Enterprise; He’s overweight, orange, on the verge of cancellation despite a cult following, and he’s going to take a lot of people in red down with him.

One of William Shitners key talking points was voter fraud, and how that’s definitely a big issue that’s effecting America today. It’s crazy that a Republican is still spinning this yarn in 2018, when there have been countless documentaries and investigative journalist pieces on how the myth of voter fraud is used to try and limit minority groups from voting in elections. Minority groups that typically vote Democrat.

Here’s a piece on the subject from Last Week Tonight. It’s from early 2016 (a simpler time), so it’s without an anti-Trump rhetoric.

It wouldn’t have been a Trump rally without him showing off his “supreme intelligence” and “very high IQ”, when he said that Americans need an ID to buy groceries.

“You know, if you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card, you need ID.”

I can criticise him for trying to normalise the idea of having to present your ID in every situation of modern living — which by the way is very “socialist police state” of him — so that his base considers it normal and common sense to present a legal form of ID when voting. Even if that person has registered to vote, is an American citizen and owns property in that state, they may be turned away because they don’t have a form of ID.

I think that the financial backers behind Trump are happy that he peddled their policy so accurately, and probably enjoyed his little mistake, due to it normalising constant ID use. But there’s a part of me that thinks Trump was telling the truth here — I genuinely believe that he thinks you need ID to buy groceries.

Think about it, this man, who was born into extreme wealth and luxury, has likely never once stepped foot inside of a grocery store. As far as he knows you do have to present ID to purchase a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread. So I don’t think this was a mistake on the presidents part. He’s wrong, of course, he’s absolutely wrong, but I really don’t think that this one is his fault.

I mean, come on, he’s a “man of the people” remember? You can’t expect a man of the people to know what happens inside of a grocery store! Men of the people fly around in private jets and slurp caviar from the stomachs of Russian prostitutes.

How dumb are you, yes you, to think that a “working class hero” like Donald Trump would know how to buy groceries. The working classes don’t buy groceries!! Are you mad!? The working classes dine out at the finest restaurants, where you can slap the seventeen year-old waitress on the ass without some liberal cuck filming it on their cell phone.

I’ve always understood why the upper middle classes vote Republican, because that’s who they truly serve. I know the reasoning, but I will never understand why anyone who makes less than six figures would vote for (and then vocally support) such an out of touch man, who believes you need to show ID to buy vegetables.


Another interesting moment from the rally happened immediately after it ended, and people were filing out of the building. I need to make it clear that not every Trump supporter did this, just the die-hard base who stuck around after the orange saviour finished speaking. Here are some clips of what reporters faced. Obscenities are yelled so NSFW:

Even before he was president, Donald Trump would regularly attack any media outlet that didn’t present his version of reality. It’s probably what made him a stand-out candidate for the GOP, and certainly why he was always going to be the favourite of Fox News Entertainment.

I’ll admit that CNN has a slightly anti-Trump rhetoric. Most stories I see from them, they present the facts as they happened, but occasionally I’ll see a piece with an anti-Trump sway that makes me roll my eyes just as much as any Fox story does. CNN is not one of my personal sources for news because of this. So when I defend them, it’s not because I’m defending my “bias”.

I’ll defend them because they’re still journalists with decent integrity, at least by modern standards anyway. Even the fact that they’re at these rallies instead of completely ignoring them (as a left-wing bias news source would), is proof that they’re at least attempting balanced journalism.

A good journalist wants to present the truth as accurately as possible. It’s why on-the-ground war correspondents are considered some of the greatest journalists, as they risk their lives to collect footage of what’s really happening, in order to present events to the masses without bias.

Many news outlets are showing the footage of these Trump supporters without any kind of commentary or rhetoric over the top, because they are living proof of the reality of the situation in America right now.

One man in the crowd screams “Tell the truth, stop lying!” as he’s filmed and broadcast around the world. You, sir, are the truth. CNN doesn’t need to put any kind of spin on these videos, they don’t need to spend an hour talking about how they’re under attack from Trump supporters. They may well do that, but they’d be wrong to do so. All they have to do is show this footage. This footage itself is on-the-ground journalism that proves the dangerous anti-journalistic rhetoric that the modern GOP has whipped up.

Trump rallies are an insane truth that must be seen to be believed. I didn’t even get into the fact that several attendees were open followers of the ‘QAnon’ conspiracy movement. Google that phrase if you want to laugh, then cry, and then be terrified for America.

Today is Wednesday, August 1st and Tommy Robinson being released on bail is surely some kind of terrible omen for what this month is going to be like.

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