Brexit: Handing Britain Over to Toxic Capitalists

Sorry for more Brexit, but I have a lot of feelings. I read this over my morning coffee and my blood slowly simmered to an above-average temperature. It didn’t boil, I’m not a cliche, yet.

Given my status as a British expat living in America, you’d suppose I’d be all for any think-tank idea that proposed total free movement between the two countries. My family could visit without an ESTA, and hopping on a plane for them would be as easy and hassle-free as it is to hop on a train to France (for six more months). Had this potentially happened sooner I’d have been able to go back to the UK for Christmas this year, instead of having to wait at least another eight months for my green card.

The legal immigration services in America are currently running at the slowest they have in years. A byproduct of this administration focusing so much on deporting illegal immigrants, is that those of us who’re following paperwork procedures are slowed-down to a stopping point. It’s an immigration traffic jam on the toll road, and I don’t think it’s a happy accident.

However, this morning a right-wing think-tank, sponsored by the Koch brothers and prominent eurosceptics, unveiled its proposal for a new trade deal between the US and the UK. This would mean free movement between both countries; All the benefits of my life now, but without a lot of the messy paperwork and restrictions. Sounds pretty good, right?


Well, the proposal also includes a plan to open the NHS up to foreign bidders. The National Health Service is a British institute, and despite its under-funding from right-wing governments, it’s still alive. Even in its dying embers, the model of the NHS still provides light and hope to other countries, for what universal healthcare can look like.

If properly funded by the government, by the taxes of the people, the NHS is a safety net for anyone in society. We learned this week that even far-right elitists like Katie Hopkins need to apply for insolvency to avoid bankruptcy. I doubt her financial advisor would recommend her paying for private healthcare in this difficult time, so even people like her need the NHS.

Seriously, can she be bumped-up the waiting list to receive counselling for her mental health? She clearly has a lot of undiagnosed issues.

Treatments that cost hundred of thousands of dollars in the US would simply be paid for by regular taxes, and if you have the money you still have the option to go private; You have the freedom of choice! Nationalised healthcare should be a badge of honour for any country that upholds the standard. It projects to the world that you put the health and wellbeing of your citizens first and foremost. A government will still make mistakes, but not allowing people to die simply because they’ve been born into poverty is a good platform to start from.

If the ideas of this think-tank are pushed forward into right-wing Brexitier policy — As they likely will be, due to the pressure on Theresa May for a hard-Brexit and the rising support for a second referendum if there’s no deal struck with Europe — Then Britain could see the NHS bought by American insurance companies, who will salivate at the idea of sixty-five-million new contracts of monthly payments.

Okay, some of those people are children, and some will inevitably go full-private, but sixty-five million sounds so impactful. Fine… it’ll more likely be forty-million new contracts. Happy now?


This deal would seek to remove tariffs for big-business and sell the idea of a free-trade utopia in which government doesn’t get in the way of profit. This might sound great to some, but a completely unregulated society is how you end up with oligarchs and rampant toxic capitalists. The 1% would rapidly become the 0.001% and people who are currently considered “middle class” would be pushing the poverty line. All of this so the winning capitalists can have a third gold mansion, a fourth private jet and a fifth divorce.

Should businesses be regulated by the government across the board? Absolutely not. First-time and small business owners should receive as much help from their government as possible, in the form of reduced-interest loans and free business advice.

It’s important to remember in a time where the middle-ground has been obliterated that not all capitalist policies are bad, chances are you’re currently benefitting from many of them. Policies and ideologies only become dangerous when people go full-force with them, without any thought to the ramifications.

However, the people who’ve been rich for several generations, who’ve known nothing but wealth and power, and who pay for think-tanks from “charities” (lobbyists) that advance their agenda — I believe these people should be regulated.

These people have made a certain amount of personal wealth, more than anyone could ever possibly need in ten lifetimes, and they’re still searching for more gold to fill the walls of their cartoonish vaults? These are the exact sorts of people who should have tabs kept on them, who shouldn’t be allowed to influence policy. And yet, they fly under the radar, pay no tax and have had a strong influence over Western leaders since the 1980s.

Now they’re trying to leave their mark on Brexit, and benefit from the chaos of a referendum where people were lied to over what would happen. I don’t hold any anger to anyone who voted for Brexit, just to the lobbyists and the “charities”. Also the politicians and the multi-national businessmen who lined their pockets. They promised the world and a new utopia for Britain, but it now appears as though the people who funded the “Leave” campaign are the same people who’re looking to sell the NHS to the highest bidder, and cease all regulations for the most dangerous men on the planet.


192 days and counting Britain — There’s no deal in sight and if that happens the choices will be:

1. Demand a second referendum, as a no-deal scenario was never part of the agreement to leave the EU.

2. Let the toxic capitalists who backed the “leave campaign” dictate British policy for decades to come.

It’s funny, a lot of people didn’t want to be controlled by the EU — a body made up of thousands of elected citizens — but it looks as though Britain could be controlled by a handful of US and UK businessmen instead. Democracy indeed.

Today is Tuesday, September 18th and it’s less than fifty days until the American midterms. Oh boy here we go again.

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