Rotten Apples Don’t Fall Far from the Tree

In some ways the younger, greasier model of Donald Trump is more reprehensible than his father. Senior is the head of the snake, wriggling around above ground in the light of day. Every single news outlet and rational person with a blog (hi) can’t wait to jump on whatever idiotic or just plain evil thing that old Donny has done, to generate clicks or to simply have something real and engaging to write about over a morning mug of coffee.

The Junior is currently on a campaign tour on behalf of the GOP for the upcoming midterm elections. He’s sharper than his father, as he can actually speak in whole sentences, but in that he manages to say more dangerous and damaging words per minute. If President Trump is a child who is spoon-fed his information through Fox News, then Junior is a baby wolfing down The Daily Caller and flinging handfuls of Breitbart across the dinner table. And can somebody please change his diaper!?

Unlike Ivanka, who is robotically palatable in her attempt to reach the “average conservative”, Junior has no interest in preaching to traditional Republicans. He wants crowds of MAGA supporters who will lap up every lie and conspiracy without question. He wants a room of people who aren’t quite as smart as he is, who will cheer after every sentence that includes the words “owning the libs”.

There’s a part of me, a very small part, that feels sorry for Ivanka Trump. We’ve all seen the clips of her father ogling her on television, and making inappropriate comments about her in interviews. These are the things Donald Trump did to her in public as she was growing up, so there’s a small chance that she’s the victim of abuse. Old Donny never wanted to have creepy magazine photoshoots with Junior, so there’s zero sympathy for his behaviour.

Although his actions and personality are classic for someone who is seeking the blind love and approval of his father. Maybe he’s just disappointed his Dad didn’t say something like this about him:


Junior and new girlfriend, ex-Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, made their first stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania — A city that I’m sure is lovely and filled with decent, hard-working Americans, but one that really needs to figure out how to make chocolate properly. They played to a crowd of senior citizens who’ve unfortunately been heavily targeted and prayed upon by the MAGA movement.

He largely boasted his father’s economic growth, although it’s too soon to see the full-effects of Trump’s tax-plan and reforms, as we’re barely a year removed from those. Early reports point to big business being better-off, but not sharing that wealth with its employees, but again, it’ll be another year or two before we feel the effects in this country.

The economy moves slower than presidents can boast. Any improvements to the country economically in the next year or so are still a result of the Obama administration — Just as the prosperous 90s in America were not really because of Clinton, but down to the aftershocks of reform from Reagan and Bush Sr. If Trump wins a second term, or if the American jobs economy enjoys success when he’s gone, then we can praise Donald for his efforts.

Junior had to tout the economy, as it’s the only thing that’s visibly going well for America right now. They divided the country in order to win an election and now they’re paying the price for it. On top of the resurfaced hatred, racism, xenophobia, violence, sexism and homophobia, they haven’t kept a single campaign promise.

Seriously, if I were a MAGA supporter I would start to be wondering where my wall was, why Hillary isn’t in jail and why we haven’t seen Obamas birth certificate. Those were the three key platforms the Trump campaign ran on, or at least they were the subjects they spoke about the most at rallies. Of course, none of those things were ever going to happen, and none of them will happen, but MAGA loyalists will cheer Junior on this tour all the same, as though he personally had kept every single one.

Donald Trump Hosts Nevada Caucus Night Watch Party In Las Vegas

The main reason that the s**t apple is worse than the s**t tree is his use of social media. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that the President turns to Twitter to give people sick burns immediately after a meeting with them isn’t exactly professional — but Junior goes a step further.

Take the Kavannagh situation for example. The President did the typical modern-Republican thing of pretending that sexual assault isn’t real, and dismissing the accusations as lies and a smear campaign against Kavannagh. Statistics and history tell us that Professor Ford isn’t lying, but all of these old men who themselves have been accused of sexual misconduct, suddenly turn into ostriches.

Junior did all of that, but also took to Instagram to make this joke about sexual assault:


What Junior is doing here is dismissing and cheapening the seriousness of sexual assault, and he knows he’s doing exactly that. He’s equating attempted rape to a note in child’s handwriting asking if someone will be their girlfriend. It’s one thing to ignore victims, to not hear them out, or to make up your mind before you’ve even listened to them — but it takes a special kind of monster to actively make jokes about the situation.

Junior may or may not have to answer for his crimes against America, for orchestrating a Russian meeting at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign. We’ll have to let the proper legal process decide that one, and be fine with the outcome no matter what happens.

In the meantime we’ll be seeing Junior’s face across the news over the next several weeks, as he convinces already convinced people to vote Republican in the midterms. Every MAGA-hat wearer was always going to vote come November, the Trump Train has replaced any and all personal belief system they had, so through him attending these ego-inflating rallies he’s actually quite harmless to the general population.

Still, that doesn’t mean that centrists and those on the left should get complacent in November. For the love of this country and all it can possibly be — Get out and vote! It really does make a difference. America deserves better than rotten apples.

Today is Monday, September 24th and the cat’s little heart beats so fast after a quick dash.


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