“Punished For Drinking”

The Kavanaugh hearings have people both physically and digitally discussing a variety of issues. The whole process is being seen as a tangible measuring-stick for the state of women’s rights and sexual assault survivors in this country. We’ve been discussing the fragility of modern politics, and how both sides holding down partisan lines has shown the lack of cooperation in current American political systems. Many people have simply been discussing whether or not the actions carried-out in your younger years, should have a lasting effect on your future, and that’s what I’d like to write about today, if you’ll allow.

Wait, it’s my blog — I don’t need your permission. Remember though, consent is absolutely necessary in most other aspects of life.

I’ve seen a fair few opinion pieces suggest that Kavanaugh’s actions in high school and college should not have an impact on the decision process to place him on the supreme court. Most of these articles say that if evidence becomes conclusive that he sexually assaulted Dr Ford, then he shouldn’t be confirmed — However if it’s just the excessive drinking in his youth that we’re talking about, then it doesn’t matter how much he drank, it was all on his past.

During his hearing, Kavanaugh portrayed himself as a golden-child who could do no wrong. Sure, he admitted to cracking a few beers open on a weekend with his pals — but he only drank beer and he certainly didn’t drink on weekdays. It’s becoming apparent from his classmates that he lied under oath, as many of them are coming forward and claiming that he drank to excess on a regular basis, and not just beer at that.

One of his friends at college, Charles Ludington, had this to say in a statement released on Sunday:

“On many occasions I heard Brett slur his words and saw him staggering from alcohol consumption, not all of which was beer. When Brett got drunk, he was often belligerent and aggressive.”

Now, it’s clear from this statement that Kavanaugh lied under oath. Personally, I don’t really care that he drank to excess in college — If anything it actually makes him more human, as I don’t know many people who didn’t party a little too much in their college years. I do care about the lies though, and that a potential future supreme court judge misrepresented himself. If he can’t represent himself, how is he going to represent the interests of American people?

If he were applying for a job at a grocery store then I wouldn’t care about the fact that he drank to excess in college and subsequently lied about it. Even if he were applying for a job at a stock brokers, at an estate agents or even as a harpoon salesman — I wouldn’t care about the lack of clarity on his college drinking habits.

Okay, maybe if he had to physically handle the harpoons. I don’t need some old dude getting hammered and lobbing harpoons at potential customers. However, if it’s entirely telesales-based? Well then I don’t care if he still drinks to excess, as long as he shows up for work and shifts a heck-tonne of harpoons.


Kavanaugh is not applying for any of these jobs, and we all know that. I think (perhaps) some members of the public who’re complaining about democrats stalling don’t fully understand the importance of the supreme court in America.

You know what, it’s unfair to only assume ignorance on one side of the political spectrum, I’m trying to be more mindful of statements like that and I apologise. I bet that some people who don’t want to see Kavanaugh on that seat are also jumping on a band-waggon of misinformed opinion in order to achieve a quick political victory. That sucks no matter which side of the aisle you land on.

No matter what happens legally, the minimum appropriate consequence for Kavanaugh’s actions, is that he doesn’t get to make it onto the highest court in the land — possibly the world. At this juncture nobody is asking that a man be sent to jail, simply that he not be considered for the best job in his field.

Forgiveness absolutely should be a key principal of our society. Actions should have appropriate consequence, but we achieve peace and mindfulness when we eventually learn to release hatred we have built-up for someone. If Kavanaugh had simply been accused of drinking too much in college (and had been honest about it under oath) and nothing else, then I’m certain that the majority of Americans would’ve forgiven him and he’d be America’s Next Top Supreme Court Judge — But that’s not the whole story, is it?

You see, when people make the single point that a man is currently being punished for actions carried out over thirty years ago, they’re not being fair to the complexity of the situation. This is not a scenario you can boil down to one simple headline, or one sixty-second rant on a TV news network. This process and these hearings are difficult, messy and multifaceted.

When people reduce these heatings to that single point, they ignore a few key components:

  • Kavanaugh is accused of something that the vast majority of us did not do in college — sexual assault.
  • Kavanaugh lied under oath about his behaviour at college, multiple times.
  • This isn’t a regular job interview, this is a process to decide who holds one of the most powerful positions in America, for life.

When some people hyperbolically suggest that everyone in America will now have to be punished for the stupid things they did in high school, they’re being intentionally flippant in order to detract from the seriousness of this very specific situation.

Those who committed crimes, such as sexual assault, in high school may one day be held accountable, but those who simply drank to excess and partied (consensually) will be able to hold any job they desire without consequence. Including harpoon salesman.

We still have a forgiving society, for the most part. When people are punished in the public eye it’s either because they currently stand on a celebrity pedestal far above the rest of us, or because they’re applying for a job that will have a profound effect on the average citizen.

To anyone under the age of twenty-one who is reading this — Have fun and let loose every once in a while. As long as you don’t assault anyone (can’t believe some older generations needed that one spelling out for them) you’ll still be able to do whatever you want in this life.

Today is Monday, October 1st and there’s a real sense that Halloween starts early in America. Very spooky.

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3 thoughts on ““Punished For Drinking”

  1. I liked that you mentioned forgiveness, which brings up the question: Can we forgive something that the person says never happened? From Kavanaugh’s point of view~ there is nothing to forgive.

    I was an alcoholic in my 20’s, and now I am very outspoken about my sobriety, including writing and publishing a book about my experience. If someone were to question me in a job interview, I would answer honestly~ and with pride, because I was able to overcome my past. Then again, sexual assault is not something that happened, so I have no incentive to re-write my past.

    The lying, hysterics, and partisanship are still troubling, even if we set aside the assault allegations.

    Great blog, btw!


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    1. I think that’s the difference between someone with a healthy vs an unhealthy approach to their past.

      Kavanaugh said that he drank very little, but his peers have said otherwise. He dodged the meaning behind some of the terms he used. It’s nearly impossible to prove if he sexually assaulted Dr Ford or other women — but we do know he’s lied about other things and that makes me feel uneasy about him being on the supreme court.

      You appear to have a healthy attitude towards your past, so as you say you would answer with pride about something you have overcome. It shows strength of character and that you’re brilliantly human.

      Kavanaugh should’ve done this I feel. Something along the lines of “Yes, I drank a lot, definitely too much and I was rude and aggressive and horrible to people for which I’m sorry, but I did not sexually assault anyone.”

      Thank you! Your blog is wonderful also!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, once that credibility is shattered, doubts flood in. If he had said what you suggested, I would have been torn on this issue. But as it stands, he made himself out to be someone who definitely tells lies and becomes overly emotional in professional settings.

        And thank you! Enjoy your week 😊

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