On Climate Change

I couldn’t scientifically or accurately explain the exact cause of climate change. I could give a basic understanding and overview, but I’d miss out some specific detail that would only prove the climate change deniers right. I put my trust in scientists, 97.8% of the world’s scientists to be exact, as consensus separates your Einsteins from your Frankensteins.

Actually I suppose fiction separates those two, but you get my point.

The President of the United States is a climate change denier. Or is he? In an interview with CBS yesterday he seemed to accept that perhaps the world is getting hotter.

“I think something’s happening. Something’s changing and it’ll change back again. I don’t think it’s a hoax. I think there’s probably a difference. But I don’t know that it’s manmade. I will say this: I don’t want to give trillions and trillions of dollars. I don’t want to lose millions and millions of jobs.”

There’s a lot to unpack there, but before I do, remember that the leader of the free world said that. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, those aren’t the words of a well-informed leader. After living here for a year I’ve met good people in this country and they all deserve better than him.

So Trump doesn’t think it’s a hoax, but he also doesn’t think that climate change is manmade. Given that the entire stance from scientists on climate change is that it’s the whole “manmade” part that’s dangerous; We’re in no stronger a position than we were before Trump gave this interview.

To disagree with 97.8% of scientists and STILL have your followers believe what you say is astounding. How high does that number have to go before people start doubting other known truths? 99.9% of scientists accept that gravity exists, but if Trump said that he’s held to the ground at all times by six invisible golden space-monkeys, would they still buy it?

Denying climate change is almost that ridiculous. Hey, I said almost.


It’s actually those last couple of sentences that have his followers believing his every word — He relates the problem back to issues that will effect them. And that’s a pretty smart thing to be doing Donald, well done. He says that he doesn’t want to spend America’s money and lose-out on millions of jobs — Which is fair, those are two assets that the leader of a country should be protecting.

It would be very leader-like, were it the truth. Recently, renewable energy industries have passed their fossil-fuel counterparts in the number of jobs created and held by Americans.

Some sources will include those employed by gas-stations (850,000) in the “two-million” employed by fossil-fuels numbers. But as 48 states have self-serving gas-pumps, I assume they’re referring to those who work the convenience store. Even if everyone drives electric, people will still need a booth to buy melted cheese and scratch-cards from while their car charges-up. In fact, people will have to wait longer (but drive further), and so therefore spend more than they would at a regular gas station. The economy.

As the fossil-fuel industry shrinks, the renewable-energy industry grows. So when Trump talks about losing millions of jobs (1.1million to be exact), he should actually be discussing the redistribution of the workforce, as that’s the reality. Just over a million jobs would be lost (slowly, over time), but even more (or at least the same) would need to be created.

What about the whole “spending trillions and trillions” part? He’s referring to deals such as the Paris Climate Agreement, which he pulled-out of in record time — something Trump is somewhat of an expert at.

Deals like this are to help combat the effects of climate change, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. They’re also weighted in favour of countries who currently produce very little in emissions. America is the second biggest polluter of the environment, behind only China, so it would make sense why their bill would be so high.

You don’t take a massive dump on the restaurant floor and then act surprised when you’re charged for your food and the carpet cleaning. You’re not banned from the restaurant though, because you’re America and you’re the life of the party. Everyone secretly hates you, but they all want to be you. America is that terrible friend, it’s an arsehole, but it’s your arsehole.


There’s one thing I don’t understand about Republican refusal to accept climate change, and that’s the main side-effect of increasing the global temperature — Mass immigration.

Most of the United States are in a cosy, sweet-spot that won’t be too badly effected by climate change for the remaining years of the century. Florida will be gone by then, but there’s more land to the North — Other states to inhabit. However, Canada and Mexico, as well as huge parts of South America, Africa and the Middle East will become uninhabitable.

America will have tens of millions of people crossing its boarders, and not for a chance at a better life, but because the alternative would be guaranteed death.

Now, Republicans hate immigration — We know this. Despite the fact that the majority of immigration is legal (such as mine), they still believe that the majority is illegal (such as not-mine). Even the word immigrant puts them a little on-edge. So, surely, to stop the future mass-migration from happening, Republicans should be in support of climate change agreements?

I’m not talking about Republican politicians — They’re going to protect the oil industry until they die, otherwise they won’t get their pocket-money. I’m talking about Republican voters.

Despite popular opinion, I love you guys. A world with only left-wing people wouldn’t actually work. We need the balance, the debate, the back and forth. I’m letting you know that helping to combat climate change, by voting for those who understand it’s a genuine threat (and yes, there are some Republicans who understand that it is), is actually in the best interests of your anti-immigration viewpoint.

Climate change is happening and it is man-made. It’s a cause that should have out universal backing. Instead, politicians (on both sides) are treating it as a partisan issue to gain votes and support. They’re using it to divide us, when it should be the one issue that unites us.

And please, ignore the President on this subject — He’s not well.

Today is Monday, October 15th and I hope you have a productive week, look after yourself.

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