Election Day Hangover

I ended up watching a stream of the BBC election night coverage. I gave the American channels a go, but they were either too loud or too dumbed-down. Election night is supposed to be a mix of complex issues, tight races and bright colours, and the BBC provides all of that.

Don’t give me any grief about illegally streaming the BBC News Channel. I paid my licence fee as a student, where many others did not, and so I feel like I’m owed the occasional broadcast in my life overseas.

Don’t worry Tony Hall, I’m not illegally watching your precious Bodyguard. I bet you can’t believe your luck, can you? That the hot-guy-generic-plot formula has worked for you yet again.


I’m feeling sort-of neutral about the mid-terms, because everything happened as expected. You’ll hear both sides claiming victory, and they’re right to do so. Neither party did anything unexpected, but Democrats had to take the House and Republicans had to hold on to the Senate.

Trump is seeing this as a personal victory, due to the fact that the “blue wave” was a mere blue ripple. Only getting covered in a little bit of bird shit is not a victory, it’s just not quite as bad as falling head-first into a cart full of manure.

Although, if you’d been told by the media for months that you are to expect a head-first dive into a steaming pile of horse dung, and all that happens is a seagull craps on your left shoulder — Then I guess you’d be celebrating.

“We have the best, American-made seagulls, okay? I welcome the white substance that is now upon my person. This creamy puddle of waste even says it’ll vote for me! Sean Hannity, get up here and talk to the people!”

Trump says that the candidates who kept to his party-line were re-elected and those who didn’t are now gone. That’s not strictly true, as most Floridian candidates distanced themselves from Trump on issues such as climate change and immigration, and many Republicans found re-election there.

A huge positive for America as a whole is the higher-than-usual voter turnout. It’ll be some time before we see the official figures, but most are predicting that they’re extremely high for midterm elections. A higher voter turnout means a stronger Democracy, and while 50-60% is far from perfect, it’s better than the usual 40%.

There were still huge pockets of eligible voters who didn’t cast a vote this time around, and that’s okay. We have two years to convince them otherwise. Especially as those who support nationalism (he said it, he called himself a nationalist) are already casting their votes.

In theory those who remain are the apathetic middle, who’re sick of the back and forth of American politics — Which is a fair viewpoint to have. What I would say to those people is that you can make all of that go away by voting against the party who is currently trying to divide America in ways we haven’t seen for decades.


Beto O’Rourke didn’t win in Texas, but he fought the incumbent Ted Cruz to within 250,000 votes. Texas is officially purple. Either that or they recognise that Beto is a good human being regardless of his party affiliation. He had an uphill battle, like most Democratic senate races this time around, but fought respectfully to serve the people of his state.

This certainly won’t be the last we’ll hear of Beto. If you can nearly turn Texas blue in a senate race, then you’ll be making a presidential campaign bid in the future, perhaps as early as 2020.

I wouldn’t be mad at this, what the Democratic party needs more than anything else right now is youth. Every time I hear Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden speak, I can feel how out of touch they are. Their hearts are in the right place, but their time has been and gone. I probably shouldn’t be saying that about the future speaker of the house but, for me, it’s the truth.

Bernie Sanders is about the only member of the old-guard who still sounds like an idealistic thirty-year-old, albeit with the surly undertones of a hippy grandfather who has been through some serious political battles.

I want Bernie to act as the Professor-X to a whole team of young Democrats who’re all under the age of fifty. They can call them the B-Men, or the S-Men, or maybe a more gender-neutral term. Even though I’m fairly certain the term ‘X-Men’ is gender neutral because many of them are women.

Young people voted somewhat this time around, but many still dread the idea of casting a vote for some old guy who doesn’t inspire them. Get Beto on stage with his bass guitar and have him finger-away for seven-minutes straight and I guarantee that’ll get young people to the polls. He might have to stream Fortnight on Twitch for a few weeks to gain some extra credibility, but I’m sure that’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make.


Arizona’s senate race is still officially too close to call, but either way Arizona will be sending their first female senator to DC, and that’s a huge step towards equality. It was a battle billed as activist vs veteran, with the Republicans spending millions on vicious attack-ads against Kyrsten Sinema.

The truth of the race is that both women are ideologically strong, and both are good choices for the state of Arizona. I just always side with the candidate who isn’t launching attack-ads, and is instead stating what they stand for. It’s not my fault they usually happen to be Democrats.

In a way, these midterms have kept everything business as usual. Democrats were expected to take the house and Republicans were expected to hold the senate. These events are typical of the first elections following a new President.

I know many were hoping for a blue wave, but personally all I hoped for was Democratic control of the house. For what it’s worth I read a lot of blogs from people on both sides of the aisle, and it has only been right-wing blogs who have been touting the “laughable idea of a blue wave”, whereas liberal bloggers have remained quietly optimistic at most.

Before I sign-off for the day, I want to warn my fellow filthy lefties about the right-wing controlling our narrative. They think we want communism and so they brand us as communists.

In reality we want someone left of centre who makes most people happy and tries their best, so we can all go back to talking about the politics of Game of Thrones, instead of this impossible Game of Trumps everyone seems to be playing with our lives right now.

Today is Wednesday, November 7th and if anyone rats me out over the licence fee thing I’ll be livid.

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11 thoughts on “Election Day Hangover

  1. A lot of channels made it look like the Superbowl or something, so I only watched for a bit. I never cared for the whole politics-as-sports thing. Later I saw the results, and I gotta say, I am proud of my state of Colorado 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was definitely why I had to tune into the BBC. Them viewing it from an outsider’s perspective had an advantage.
      Very proud of Colorado, this state is growing bluer as the years go by, but also the right people won!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. David, thanks for reading! I don’t believe I’ve ever mocked you for disagreeing with me. I make jokes at the expense of Republican politicians, but making fun of each other gets us nowhere.

      Thanks for clearing that up, I did see some small evidence of the pro-Dem attack ads in that video, but having seen the ads themselves, the pro-GOP ones are much more vicious.

      The problem is that centre-left doesn’t really exist in these polarised times. I believe in capitalism, as long as it has some socialist principles to protect those at the bottom (universal healthcare, lower taxes for poor, higher taxes for rich)
      Those used to be centre-left policies, but now they’re just considered left.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, I love that we disagree!


      1. Again, you say “universal healthcare, lower taxes for poor, higher taxes for rich” however that’s not what I read. I read CNN. Facts don’t matter to prove your point. It only matters that you get applause by like-minded friends on your opinions. That is the sin of FB and social media. Frontline had a great 2-part series on FB and how 3rd parties divide this country. I keep asking of everyone if their motivations are to be part of problem or solution.

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      2. I don’t want to start double-commenting, but I hate talking to my like-minded friends about politics, it’s so boring because we’re all just preaching to the choir.

        I do, however, love engaging with people such as your good self 🙂


      3. What you wrote, “I just always side with the candidate who isn’t launching attack-ads, and is instead stating what they stand for. It’s not my fault they usually happen to be Democrats.
        Now you say, “the pro-GOP ones are much more vicious.” Again, if you lived here you would know both had MANY vicious attack adds!

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      4. David, buddy. You showed me the Pro-Dem attack ad clips in your first comment, I wrote my piece before that. You gave me new information and so I changed my opinion. It’s what people do when they’re presented with sufficient evidence. That’s why I said something different.

        You do know more about Arizona than myself. I’ve viewed both ads and I still maintain that the pro-GOP ones are more vicious, but also that it’s likely a matter of perspective.

        Also, thanks for saying I sound like CNN. I’ve never watched CNN once in my life (UK born, moved here a year ago, no cable) but it’s good to know I can emulate the style of a broadcast network.


      5. That’s what I don’t get. Why would you write something that’s not true in first place without research? Why fuel the divide in this country? Seems irresponsible?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Because I write these daily pieces as a creative warmup to my novel writing or whatever I’m doing that day. I do some research, but this isn’t my profession so I don’t spend an awful lot of time on it. I would if this were my job, or I were writing for anything beyond my own personal blog.

        In a quick search I couldn’t find any, and so I posted about the ones that were easy to find (pro-GOP, or more like anti-Dem)


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