Blog Update 4

I’ll be visiting family for a week and so I’m not sure if I’ll post anything here. These blog posts are mainly a method for me to “warm up” on a morning, before delving into something more extensive, so these next few pages may be left intentionally blank.

If you’re still reading these words, or if you’re new to this place, then remember to keep working on that thing this week. You know, that personal thing or that project — It’s really up to you, just keep working and growing, changing and learning. Stay healthy.

We launch our first podcast on December 13th, so expect to hear a lot about that when I get back to these pages. My book is one draft away from being sent off to agents, where I’ll look for my one acceptance among a thousand rejections. And your thing is going great, I’m sure of it.

Today is Monday, December 3rd and remember that you don’t have to mourn someone who did evil things. Unless you knew them personally and everything is a murky grey.

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