Scattered Thoughts

If a song on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist has a post-punk guitar/drums opening, I’ll favourite it before listening to the rest of the song. The combination of a dancing beat and melancholic lyrics is my happy place.

It’s absolutely fine to agonise over the mundanity of it all — Sometimes just simply existing is enough, especially on those hard to reach days.

Savour the moment between turning the water off and wrapping yourself in a towel, it might be the most alive you feel today.

There will be 2-D remakes of all the 3-D Disney remakes and we’ll continue in that loop forever. The same twenty stories for children, for adults, and then for children again.

People are still making new things, and thanks to the amount of remakes, they seem even more vibrant, original and pure than they ever would have done in the 20th century.

I am a guilty consumer of that which I loathe.

I think older people are turning on facts and statistics because they can be extremely alarming and depressing — You don’t want those emotions in your retirement after decades of hard work. Younger generations must shoulder the burdens of those who caused these statistics, but those yet born will suffer the most.

I sometimes wonder what opinions of mine will be considered “right-wing” in thirty years time. Or what our generation will turn on in our retirement years.

Millennials and Baby Boomers are more similar than any of us would like to admit. So we should all gang up on Gen X or Gen Z or something.

Most professional sports have a scripted element to them. If it’s broadcast on TV in exchange for massive amounts of sponsorship, then there’s some kind of narrative control.

The outcomes aren’t predetermined, but it’s in the best interests of all involved to have certain “powerhouse franchises”. These can change over time, but you always need your giants. Not, the Giants though, they suck.

Even though we’ve driven many to extinction and exploited many more for food, most animals will outlast us and that’s a consolation at least.

I think that people hating on West Coast hipsters has nothing to do with their lifestyle choices and everything to do with them engaging in poverty tourism before going back to their parents mansions on the East Coast for the summer.

If we can balance society in regards to race, gender and sexuality, we’ll still have to deal with the crippling fact that some of us have money and some of us don’t.

I’ll never be a working class hero because I’ve always been lower middle class. Apart from a few weeks in the autumn of 2015 and the first ten years of my life, but I was ill-equipped to be a hero back then. I still am, but I can hide behind a bigger excuse now.

I wish people thought about things differently, but I don’t like to control how anyone thinks.

Pay attention to me, leave me alone.

Applying rules and laws to social media for the betterment of society is absolutely fine. As long as we can still project our thoughts to the world, we still have more freedom of speech than our forefathers.

Misinformation will kill us faster than the bombs.

Think about the steps we’ve taken as a society, then remember that your grandparents and parents lived mostly before those steps were taken. It’s okay if they struggle with some things, only condemn them if they flat-out refuse compassion.

There’s still a lot to fix, but it takes time and pressure. Hold your hand to the wound, lock eyes with the problem and show sincere empathy.

Be it theism, spirituality, humanism or a lack of belief — Your worldview is only wrong if you don’t show empathy for the struggles of others. As long as you have that, you’re doing great.

These aren’t in the best possible narrative order, but they’re in the natural order in which they fell out of me.

If someone shrugs and says “I don’t really like animals,” then they’re fine. If someone says “Oh I hate animals!” Then you should run away as fast as you can, because they’re probably a psychopath.

You haven’t even listened to the best possible music for your soul, because it’s made by someone with a similar experience to you who has 6,000 Spotify streams.

Don’t be surprised when it’s revealed that they can make an accurate AI of our entire generation based off of thirty years of spending habits. Just try and make friends with your AI fast, so it doesn’t kill you first.

If I have thin skin then why does it feel so fleshy and malleable?

It’s okay to keep your guard up in a lot of situations, but allow yourself to be vulnerable around those who truly love you.

I wonder how it’s all going to look at the end. Here we are, witnessing everyday miracles that the great, historical minds of our species couldn’t have dreamt up, and we’re still not even at the end. I hope humanity doesn’t jump the shark.

This will pass, all things do.

None of this is remotely anywhere close to wisdom, apart from that bit at the start about getting out of the shower. Go about your day as though you didn’t read any of it. There are wiser, better, stronger people to listen to.

Today is Wednesday, December 19th and I’m exactly who I was at the beginning + any changes that happened along the way.

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