Predicting Trump

At a rally in Montana last night, Trump praised congressman Greg Gianforte for his body-slamming of a reporter in 2017. Given the current climate of state-sponsored assassinations of journalists, maybe a joke about violence towards the free press wasn’t the best call.

I’ve decided not to write about that specifically this morning, as I’m sick of writing about the latest demented thing Trump has said. So instead I want to predict some of the insane things that Trump will say (either in interviews or at rallies) in the next couple of years. Then, in 2020 (or 2024), when this weird blip in the American timeline is over, we can look back on this list to see how many I got right. You can all buy me a drink or something, I really don’t mind.

They won’t be anything obvious, like an impeachment reaction — Just little things that will get him in trouble with 60% of America and the rest of the world, but have the 40% double-down on him for some reason. Roll clickbait title…

Four Things Trump Will Say in the Next Two Years, But Also He Might Not Because This Isn’t Science

1. Proud “Cradle Robber”


The current frontrunners to win the Democratic primaries are Joe Biden (75) and Bernie Sanders (77). With Donald Trump (72) being the spring-chicken of the bunch, age will likely be a topic in 2019 and 2020.

The Democratic party needs a prominent young voice, and they have several potential future candidates waiting in the wings, but none will have enough experience by 2020. So maybe the Democrats learn their lesson and nominate Sanders, but it’ll be one election too late, as Bernie would be knocking-on eighty by the time of his inauguration.

Trump will mention this during the primaries, despite his poorer mental and physical health. During a campaign rally speech he’ll brag about how much younger he is than Sanders, commenting that he still plays golf on a regular basis and spends a lot of time with Kanye West. However, he will also let slip that he currently sleeps with young women, forgetting to use the past-tense in his verbiage.

Prediction: Trump will say “I even have sex with beautiful young women” and the media will take that to mean currently, Trump will be referring to the porn-stars he paid off in the past, and the White House will have to spin it as — “He meant Melania… and also not plural.”

2. The Saudi Arabian Accent


This one won’t sound as bad as it’s intended, as we know that Trump can’t do accents or impressions. Every time he attempts to impersonate someone, they just sound like Donald Trump. I won’t overanalyse that one.

The West is in a difficult situation with Saudi Arabia at the moment. SA are like that terrible partner you had — the one who says they’re going to be better, do less terrible things and try to spend more time with your friends — but they haven’t shown signs of improvement, and occasionally do something worse than ever before. The problem is, you can’t leave them, because of their lucrative billion-dollar business-deals and oil supplies. I sort of killed the relationship analogy there, but it’s fine, we’re here now.

Trump will eventually have to take a hard public stance on SA, even if he continues to deal with them in the dark (everyone else will be, this isn’t a Trump specific thing). And so I think he’ll use a mocking tone when repeating the words of a Saudi Prince or official.

Prediction: Trump will do an offensive accent, but we’ll only know it was intended as such because he does a weird thing with his face/arms/body — The voice will sound 90% like Donald Trump.

3. House of Representatives? House of Shmepreshmentatives.


Democrats taking the senate seems like a big stretch, although it would send a message to America that would also slowly save the morality of the Republican party. However, most are predicting that the Democrats will take the house. This is an absolute must for America. The Presidency, the house, the senate and the supreme court would make for a violent and terrifying two years. If we thought white supremacists marching in public and children in cages were bad, wait until you see what the Good Old Boys do with a stacked deck.

If Trump’s Republican army loses the House, he will try to claim that it doesn’t really matter anyway. After touting that every seat is important in recent rallies, he’ll brush it all under the rug and focus on the senate and supreme court victories.

This would be Trump’s first real defeat since taking office, and he has a track record of not responding well to failure. The last couple of times he bankrupted himself, went millions of dollars into debt and released Trump Steaks.

Prediction: Trump will act like the midterms were no big deal. He’ll start talking about his success with Kavanaugh and that he beat Hillary in 2016 immediately after the mid-term results.

4. The Kushner Rant


Trump is very family-oriented when it comes to his own blood. As the Mueller investigation gets closer to Trump’s family, in the form on Don Jr and his meetings with Russian diplomats, the President will deny all allegations towards his son to the bitter-end. However, we also know that Trump is a yuge fan of divorce, and so I think he’ll throw Jared Kushner under the bus to protect his “baby-girl” Ivanka (36, not even his youngest daughter).

I listened to a podcast series recently about the Nixon Presidency — Watergate, the tapes, the trials and impeachments. That all took several years to come about, and Mueller is using a similar, careful process as he works from the outer-circle, inwards. The evidence is increasingly alarming, albeit slow. Kushner, his international dealings and his tax-evasions, will all be big topics in 2019 (I think).

And so, to distance himself from his greasy son-in-law, Donald will go on a rather extended rant about “cheating” Jared Kushner. He’ll start bringing-up things that reporters don’t even know about, in order to besmirch Kushner’s character. I’m talking dinner-table stories and personal details. “Ivanka told me he can’t even get it up sometimes, I have no problems there honey, let me tell ya.”

Prediction: Trump will turn on, and subsequently rant about, Jared Kushner when he’s brought down for tax evasion and possibly treason. All to take the focus away from himself.

Today is Friday, October 19th and it’s all just a bit of fun really, isn’t it?

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The NPC Meme

Over the last few days a meme perpetuated by the far-right has been circling social media. The origins of the meme are 4Chan and the r/the_donald subreddit, and it has taken on many forms.

The idea of the meme is to label and brand any non-Trump supporter as an NPC. The far-right has been using this term for a while now, to describe anyone who doesn’t think the same way that they do. NPC is a video-game term and stands for Non-Player Character. The far-right are using this term because they believe anyone anti-Trump to be a brainwashed sheep, who is incapable of independent thought.

Last week they began making Twitter accounts that were “parodies” of anti-Trump folk. They started operating them individually, and used them to spread misinformation about left-leaning people, centrists, independents and moderate conservatives — Basically anyone who isn’t aboard the Trump train.

Over the weekend, many of these accounts were suspended by Twitter, largely for breaching the policy of you needing to be a real person or business. As well as rules they have against trolling, bot-accounts and misinformation (or “fake news”).

The New York Times put together a little collage of some of the hundreds of accounts. I’ve included it below, for some clarity.


This was an interesting subject to research. Especially as, just this week, Twitter released many of the account transcripts from its crackdown on state-sponsored Russian “bot-farms”. It’s important to point out that these bots come from “both sides”, in that some were anti-Trump and some pro-Trump.

It has been clear for a long time that Russia don’t really mind who is in power in the US, just that the American people are fighting against one another. They’ve started a war of misinformation without having to build a single, physical weapon. Sure, Russia stand to gain more with the Putin-sympathetic President in power. But even if Hillary had won, America would be just as divided, meaning a Russian victory.

I’m generally okay with people on the right poking fun at my political ideologies, as I also have the liberty to poke fun at theirs. I can see how each side believes that the other is living in a “hive mind” of identical opinions, because many of us do remain in our familiar echo chambers. So the far-right branding the left as NPC’s, actually makes a lot of sense from their perspective.

I would argue that the majority of the people making and using the NPC accounts spend their time on 4chan’s /pol/ and Reddit’s r/the_donald, and very little time anywhere else. Neither of these are news sources, as they’re simply message boards on which people can perpetuate the exact same thoughts, on repetition, forever.

Even my conservative relatives (I love them), have the common sense to watch Fox News. It might be a single news source, but it has a duty to report on a variety of subjects, and the world at large. Here are the current front pages of the far-right message boards, and the sorts of things that non-NPC, “free-thinkers” are consuming on an hourly basis:


I get my news from a variety of sources, and I even try to keep myself engaged with other voices when topics like this arise. For example, I watched a Paul Joseph Watson video to research this subject. I still can’t decide if he believes the things he says and just fails to see the irony, OR if he knows exactly what he needs to say in order to make a living from the far-right. Either way, it’s dangerous.

He used this voice-changing effect throughout his video to simulate the voice of a hive-mind NPC, but then used the same effect at the end of his video to ask his viewers to subscribe, follow and like all of his content. I almost spat out my coffee. And again, if he knows he’s doing it then it’s sort-of clever, but if he doesn’t then he’s a f***ing idiot, who probably thinks in his deluded mind that he’s the John Oliver of the far-right.

Even if you only get your news from ONE credible source, that’s still preferable to reading the comments of anonymous users and taking it as established fact. Reading through some of those threads on /pol/ was a bit of a nightmare, and I feel as though I need some lab-grade eye-bleach, but it proved something to me — The people who made the NPC accounts aren’t consuming any information beyond each other’s comments. It’s all just repeated statements, back and forth.

Yeah, we might all be living in our own echo chambers, but I think I know where the buzziest of hive-minds are. And ironically it’s the people who’re pointing the finger elsewhere. Please far-right, go watch some Fox News or something — Never thought I’d say that.


The other interesting aspect of this story is the Russian-bot element. We know they exist in the form of state-sponsored farms, and we also know that far-right message-boards independently created the accounts of hundreds of NPC “bots”. They used these accounts to spread misinformation, and generally troll the electorate. Here’s a source.

I put it to you that the far-right edge-lords on /pol/ and r/the_donald, are doing Russia’s job for them. I’m not saying that they’re being paid by Russia, or that they aren’t Americans — Enough evidence suggests that the far-right acted on their own here. But I am saying that if Americans start making fake accounts in order to influence the opinions of those in the centre, or of vulnerable young people online, then further division will happen. Meaning that Russia get what they want, with even less effort.

The far-right (and I say far-right because I’m not talking about your average conservative voter) have become what they accuse others to be — A hive-mind of bot-accounts who’re seeking to change the views of others by repeating the same phrases over and over.

At least I, and many others (including, unfortunately PJW) have the stomach to put our names and faces to our opinions. We’re individual protagonists or antagonists (depending on your worldview) in a giant, massively-multiplayer online role-playing game called Earth. Anyone who hides on message-boards, who refuses to put a name to their face as they operate a bot account — Well they’re almost the very definition of an NPC.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Today is Thursday, October 18th and does anybody have any eye-bleach? I need some very strong, weapons-grade, eye-bleach.

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SmackDown 1000

Last night, WWE’s SmackDown celebrated its 1000th episode of television. I was hesitant to hype myself up, after January’s disaster that was the 25th anniversary of Raw. But Vince and company surprised me, proving that perhaps the blue brand has always paid more attention to detail, despite it being the B-show.

Surprisingly, they kick-off the broadcast with the second-ever episode of Truth-TV. This segment serves as platform for the McMahon family to come out and do their schtick, but there’s no denying the loud reactions that all three receive.

As Vince shuffles and glides out of the backstage area, I’m filled with conflicting opinions. This is a man who’s responsible for a lot of negative stereotyping over the years, and the current business deal with Saudi Arabia — and yet without him, none of this would be possible. WWE is what happens when you let an eccentric billionaire spill his unfiltered mind onto screens for several nights a week, and we love it.

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan team-up to take on The Usos, in a tag-team match that had me a little nervous. One of my least-favourite wrestling tropes is when two top-stars, who have never worked together, beat a team who have been tagging for years — Especially a duo who have won tag-team gold together.

I ate my own thoughts, however, after bouts of shenanigans resulted in Styles and Bryan getting in each other’s way. A perfect opening match that advanced the Styles/Bryan story, as well as allowing the Usos to pin a former world champion.

More nostalgia backstage, in a twenty-second clip of former general managers hanging out with current GM Paige. If this were RAW 25 then they’d take-up a fifteen minute in-ring promo segment, and not involve any of the current stars.

Speaking of fifteen minute in-ring promo segments, Evolution are reunited for one night only! It’s a strange place to do it, given that the stable spent their entire run on Raw, but if Batista wants to come back, are they really going to say no?


Since leaving WWE for the second time, back in 2014, Batista has found success in a place that The Rock never has — The Marvel Cinematic Universe. For those who don’t know, (Dave) Ba(u)tista plays Drax the Destroyer.

Batista spoke from the heart, praising the three men in the ring with him and repeating his love for the wrestling business. He’s said a lot of controversial (but largely true) things about WWE in the last four years, to the point where I wondered if they’d ever bring him back for anything other than a Hall of Fame induction. However, a quick tease of a match down-the-line with Triple H and all was well. Perhaps this moment flagged-up a potential first match that we can add to the WrestleMania 35 card.

Oh, and many jokes were made about 69-year-old Ric Flair’s party days. An underrated moment of the night was Randy Orton commenting on Flair simply “living vicariously through his daughter’s achievements.” Ric just smiles and nods in a subtle, proud-Dad moment.

In a World Cup qualifier (a tournament that definitely is taking place in Saudi Arabia), The Miz defeats Rusev in under two-minutes, thanks to a distraction from Aiden English. Rusev and Lana then both beat Aiden down, getting some revenge for the whole Milwaukee incident, whilst Miz continues to be the “two-minute man”, which I’m sure we’ll hear about next week.

Edge is out next, to host an episode of The Cutting Edge with Becky Lynch and Charlotte as his guests. Edge is my guy — He was at the top of the food chain when I started watching WWE and I’ll forever mark-out to his entrance music. However, his appearance is the latest in a line of failed attempts to get Becky booed and Charlotte cheered.

Edge tried to tell Becky that he burned every bridge he ever built in the business, by stabbing all of his friends in the back. He said he now sits alone in his house and stares at the championships on his wall. Of course, this didn’t make an ounce of sense, as even in WWE kayfabe it has been acknowledged that he’s married to Beth Phoenix, has two kids and records a podcast/network show with his best buddy Christian.

Fans also cheered Becky for mocking Edge’s career-ending injury. She is unstoppable.

So once again, Becky Lynch is cheered for being a badass who scratched and clawed her way to the top over eighteen months, and Charlotte is booed for being put back in the title scene so quickly. If WWE knew the roles people were supposed to be playing, this could be the hottest feud of the year, instead it’s just great — which is a testament to the talent of those involved.


The New Day are out to defend their tag-team titles against The Barr. I called a title change here, as WWE are fans of having a championship change hands on anniversary shows. What I didn’t call was a victory for The Barr due to an interference from The Big Show — Who turned heel after returning as a face just last week. The man is a walking meme and I’m kind of okay with it.

The match was the best of the night, with Cesaro taking a disgusting bump on the back of his head, before continuing the match at its high-octane pace. How these two teams manage to have a different-feeling match every time they face each other, I’ll never understand.

The main event of the show saw the returning Rey Mysterio take on Shinsuke Nakamura in another World Cup qualifier. The match does what it’s supposed to, which is to prove that Rey is still healthy and is good to go for the next two years at least. Rey wins and qualifies so we’ll see you in Saudi Arabia Parts Unknown.

I didn’t appreciate the “you’ve still got it” chants from the WWE Universe, as Rey has been wrestling around the world for the last four years. He obviously doesn’t move as fast as he did fifteen years ago, but he looks healthier than The Hardy’s, Big Show and all of the other returning superstars from yesteryear. He doesn’t still have it, he never lost it.

Oh, and The Undertaker came out at the end to grumble and briefly promote his match in Saudi Arabia. I feel sad every time you’re on TV, Undertaker, please retire and enjoy life with your family.

Overall this was a great show that blended old talent with new. It managed to advance existing storylines (unlike Raw 25), whilst paying tribute to the past. More anniversary shows like this please, WWE. Especially with NXT-500 coming up in the not-too-distant future. Where I’m sure people would love to see Rollins vs Ciampa, Cesaro vs Gargano and Becky vs Kairi.

Today is Wednesday, October 17th and we’re all still here.

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On Climate Change

I couldn’t scientifically or accurately explain the exact cause of climate change. I could give a basic understanding and overview, but I’d miss out some specific detail that would only prove the climate change deniers right. I put my trust in scientists, 97.8% of the world’s scientists to be exact, as consensus separates your Einsteins from your Frankensteins.

Actually I suppose fiction separates those two, but you get my point.

The President of the United States is a climate change denier. Or is he? In an interview with CBS yesterday he seemed to accept that perhaps the world is getting hotter.

“I think something’s happening. Something’s changing and it’ll change back again. I don’t think it’s a hoax. I think there’s probably a difference. But I don’t know that it’s manmade. I will say this: I don’t want to give trillions and trillions of dollars. I don’t want to lose millions and millions of jobs.”

There’s a lot to unpack there, but before I do, remember that the leader of the free world said that. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, those aren’t the words of a well-informed leader. After living here for a year I’ve met good people in this country and they all deserve better than him.

So Trump doesn’t think it’s a hoax, but he also doesn’t think that climate change is manmade. Given that the entire stance from scientists on climate change is that it’s the whole “manmade” part that’s dangerous; We’re in no stronger a position than we were before Trump gave this interview.

To disagree with 97.8% of scientists and STILL have your followers believe what you say is astounding. How high does that number have to go before people start doubting other known truths? 99.9% of scientists accept that gravity exists, but if Trump said that he’s held to the ground at all times by six invisible golden space-monkeys, would they still buy it?

Denying climate change is almost that ridiculous. Hey, I said almost.


It’s actually those last couple of sentences that have his followers believing his every word — He relates the problem back to issues that will effect them. And that’s a pretty smart thing to be doing Donald, well done. He says that he doesn’t want to spend America’s money and lose-out on millions of jobs — Which is fair, those are two assets that the leader of a country should be protecting.

It would be very leader-like, were it the truth. Recently, renewable energy industries have passed their fossil-fuel counterparts in the number of jobs created and held by Americans.

Some sources will include those employed by gas-stations (850,000) in the “two-million” employed by fossil-fuels numbers. But as 48 states have self-serving gas-pumps, I assume they’re referring to those who work the convenience store. Even if everyone drives electric, people will still need a booth to buy melted cheese and scratch-cards from while their car charges-up. In fact, people will have to wait longer (but drive further), and so therefore spend more than they would at a regular gas station. The economy.

As the fossil-fuel industry shrinks, the renewable-energy industry grows. So when Trump talks about losing millions of jobs (1.1million to be exact), he should actually be discussing the redistribution of the workforce, as that’s the reality. Just over a million jobs would be lost (slowly, over time), but even more (or at least the same) would need to be created.

What about the whole “spending trillions and trillions” part? He’s referring to deals such as the Paris Climate Agreement, which he pulled-out of in record time — something Trump is somewhat of an expert at.

Deals like this are to help combat the effects of climate change, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. They’re also weighted in favour of countries who currently produce very little in emissions. America is the second biggest polluter of the environment, behind only China, so it would make sense why their bill would be so high.

You don’t take a massive dump on the restaurant floor and then act surprised when you’re charged for your food and the carpet cleaning. You’re not banned from the restaurant though, because you’re America and you’re the life of the party. Everyone secretly hates you, but they all want to be you. America is that terrible friend, it’s an arsehole, but it’s your arsehole.


There’s one thing I don’t understand about Republican refusal to accept climate change, and that’s the main side-effect of increasing the global temperature — Mass immigration.

Most of the United States are in a cosy, sweet-spot that won’t be too badly effected by climate change for the remaining years of the century. Florida will be gone by then, but there’s more land to the North — Other states to inhabit. However, Canada and Mexico, as well as huge parts of South America, Africa and the Middle East will become uninhabitable.

America will have tens of millions of people crossing its boarders, and not for a chance at a better life, but because the alternative would be guaranteed death.

Now, Republicans hate immigration — We know this. Despite the fact that the majority of immigration is legal (such as mine), they still believe that the majority is illegal (such as not-mine). Even the word immigrant puts them a little on-edge. So, surely, to stop the future mass-migration from happening, Republicans should be in support of climate change agreements?

I’m not talking about Republican politicians — They’re going to protect the oil industry until they die, otherwise they won’t get their pocket-money. I’m talking about Republican voters.

Despite popular opinion, I love you guys. A world with only left-wing people wouldn’t actually work. We need the balance, the debate, the back and forth. I’m letting you know that helping to combat climate change, by voting for those who understand it’s a genuine threat (and yes, there are some Republicans who understand that it is), is actually in the best interests of your anti-immigration viewpoint.

Climate change is happening and it is man-made. It’s a cause that should have out universal backing. Instead, politicians (on both sides) are treating it as a partisan issue to gain votes and support. They’re using it to divide us, when it should be the one issue that unites us.

And please, ignore the President on this subject — He’s not well.

Today is Monday, October 15th and I hope you have a productive week, look after yourself.

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World Mental Health Day +2

Wednesday was World Mental Health Day and mid-week I chose not to write something about it over my morning coffee. I sent out a little tweet and scrolled through Twitter for a bit, but other than that I just wanted to have a normal, productive day.

By the way, that’s my Twitter. You should follow me, and I’ll follow you. Then we can all be connected in a early 21st century consciousness sort of way. Brilliant!

Part of my constant recovery from anxiety and depression has been to stay busy. There are definitely other factors involved, but the general rule of thumb for me is the more productive I’ve been that day, the lower the likelihood of anxiety sneaking its way into my mind.

I’m incredibly neurotic, which is such a cliché for a writer. So burn me, burn me now. When my anxiety boils over I end up with three of four trains of thought going on at once. It’s all linked to a chemical imbalance in the fight or flight mechanism, which it turns out is used for more than just extremely dangerous situations. It’s actually used in most decisions, no matter how passive they may be.

It’s why anxiety is on the rise in young people. It’s not because they’re “snowflakes” or “liberal cucks” who “can’t handle the real world”, it’s because the world has more and more decisions to be made from such an early age. Should I like that status? Should I add them as a friend? Should I even make a social media account?

I’m not saying that pre-social media folk didn’t have to make decisions, but the results of anyone’s actions are now quantifiable in the number of friends or likes you have. The consequences of a young persons actions are reflected back on them in such a precise way. So if you force enough decisions on the early mind, then that fight or flight response is going to become fairly erratic and imbalanced.

I can’t imagine taking my underdeveloped brain from ten years ago and putting it into today’s environment. In fact — I can imagine it, I just don’t want to.

As I mentioned, I’ve found that staying busy has been the most useful element of my recovery. Although I should say that it’s on top of a diagnosis, CBT, meditation and breathing exercises. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without at least some of each of the above.

Staying busy doesn’t make my anxiety go away, but it allows it less room to breathe when it creeps up on me. If I’m writing, which takes up at least two of the trains of thought in my head, then I’m rooted in something tangible whenever I start to panic. If that makes sense?

It’s like if you have to be hit by a car — You have no choice in the matter, it’s going to happen. Would you rather let it happen without any protection, or would you rather wear a helmet and body-armour?

By writing, I lessen the impact of the blow. You might have something else that keeps your mind occupied, and that’s amazing — Keep it up. A lot of neuroticism is about your response to certain stimulus, but I’ve found that by keeping your mind at least partially stimulated on something at all times — Well, it makes for less painful car accidents.


I didn’t want to write the above words on World Mental Health Day itself. Partly because I’ve noticed a trend that I’m starting to worry about.

Let me first say that awareness is brilliant. Everyone needs to have an understanding of mental health problems, at least to a level where we can have conversations about them. Talking, quite literally, saves lives.

The posts I’ve made on this blog which have had the most views/likes have been ones where I’ve discussed my mental health. Which both does and doesn’t sit right with me. This lead me down a rabbit-hole of mental health specific blogs, who made-up the majority of likes and engagements. If I tag this post right, then I’m sure these words will be no different.

Or maybe not after what I’m about to say, which genuinely comes from a place of love:

Maybe there’s a point at which mental health awareness tips over into glamourising, and even profiting from, very serious illnesses.

I’m not talking about the teenager who posts their personal struggles to an audience of twenty. They’re working through what they have going on by talking to the void, and we all know that’s better than keeping it locked away. They may not have an understanding of their illness, and they may not have been to visit a medical professional for proper diagnosis (an understanding always helps, even if you don’t want/can’t afford therapy), but they’re trying to connect for sincere reasons and that’s beautiful.

I’m talking about the blogs with thousands of followers, who post fairly vapid mental health tips in pastel-coloured text boxes. Some of the language they use is alarmingly simplistic and sometimes misinformed. They have ads all across their blog and cross-promote each other on a regular basis, to drive-up traffic.

Mental health issues are complex, and my concern is that some people who’re genuinely suffering are either being misinformed, or think that visiting these blogs is enough of a therapy for them. Which, short term, it may be. But I can’t form an understanding of how they would impact someone long term, especially when their main advice on, say, anxiety is as follows:

  • Drink a warm beverage
  • Talk to a loved one
  • Wrap yourself in a blanket
  • Tell yourself you’re awesome
  • Tell yourself you’re double-awesome

I’m not going to name any names, as maybe they don’t even know what they’re doing. Maybe they’re just caught-up in blogging about something that’s “trendy” at the moment. But they make anxiety sound like a f***ing Pinterest board, which is a sick and damaging joke.

Anyone who is in the grips of an anxiety attack, knows how difficult the above five bullet-points are to achieve. Especially that hot beverage part, so many choices involved.

If we really want governments to take the funding of mental health seriously, then some people need to stop treating it like its a hobby by choice. Poor mental health is messy, and the remedies, therapies and treatments aren’t as simple as a graphic. You wouldn’t attempt heart surgery with a comfy pillow and some pixie-sticks, so why treat mental health so flippantly?

Finally, I’m aware of the slight irony here — That I myself am currently blogging about mental health. You should talk, absolutely. Talk to the void if that means you’re talking to someone. Just don’t try and make mental illnesses a marketable feature for your Wednesday Wisdom. They’re not a fashionable trend to be worn on days you feel like connecting to a wider audience — They’re closer to a Lady GaGa meat-dress in the hot, Arizonan sun.

Stay busy, breathe and look after yourself.

Today is Friday, October 12th and if I left this little part out of the blog would anyone notice?

Here’s a charity donation link instead of a tip jar:

Evolution and Devolution

At the end of the month WWE will be hosting its first all-woman Pay-Per-View — Evolution. The announcement back in July was met with positivity and universal acclaim, with only a few people on the far fringes of the fandom suggesting that women had “gone too far this time”, and “when are men going to get an all-male show?”

Well, thanks to a ten-year, $450million deal with the Saudi Arabian royal family, WWE has two all-male shows every year. Beginning back in April with The Greatest Royal Rumble, and continuing with Crowl Jewel, which takes place just five days after Evolution. Fans can expect these shows to be twice a year for the next decade. Although perhaps not, given recent global political events.

Jamal Khashoggi, is a Saudi journalist who writes for The Washington Post, and he went missing on October 2nd. He has been openly critical about the Saudi royal family in recent years, given their crackdown on human right’s activists and a military campaign in Yemen. He has been living in exile in the US for the majority of the last year.

While in Istanbul on October 1st — where he was looking to obtain a marriage certificate for himself and his Turkish fiancee — he visited the Saudi embassy. CCTV footage shows Khashoggi enter, but he doesn’t emerge from the building. His fiancee waited until after midnight and returned the next day, where there was still no sign of him.

Turkey has pressured the Saudi royal family to own-up to a potential assassination attempt, as royal family private jets arrived in Turkey the day before and left the day after. America back an investigation, and President Trump claims to have spoken to the Saudi royal family “more than once” about Khashoggi’s “disappearance”. The royal family, of course, deny the allegations.

To my limited knowledge, very little will come of this. Many Western governments, including America, turn a blind eye to a lot of the events in Saudi Arabia, in exchange for financial benefits. However, Trump is a wild card who likes quick and easy publicity wins. By putting pressure on the Saudi royal family he can market himself as a man who is tough on the sorts of people his followers perceive as the ultimate villains.

Saudi Arabia is supposedly undertaking a culture revolution, setting their sights on 2030 as a date by which they’ll be progressive. This seems highly unlikely, and Khashoggi is right to criticise them for it, as women still lack basic human rights, LGBTQ people are still considered to be committing illegal activities by being themselves, and the royal family maintains a dictatorial stranglehold on its people.

I know these things take time, and twelve years is a long way away, but murdering human rights activists, those campaigning for women’s rights and allegedly assassinating a journalist are all steps in the complete opposite direction.


All of this could put WWE in a rather awkward position, especially if Trump decides to retaliate against a potential state-sponsored assassination. Of course, the money received from the royal family might go a long way to stop any real reaction. Also, Lina McMahon (wife of WWE owner Vince McMahon) currently works for the Trump administration. So a quick favour for a friend could see that tensions do not escalate, if only to protect a $450million entertainment deal.

Which, I should point out, is silly money for professional wrestling. This deal nets WWE more than ten WrestleMania’s will.

Any negative attention that WWE receives for performing for the Saudi princes (who are essentially billionaire WWE fans paying for their own, personal show) will only highlight the other issues with this deal. Particularly when it comes to women’s rights and the “evolution” of women’s wrestling, as female wrestlers are not allowed to perform in front of live audiences in Saudi Arabia.

Five years ago the women of WWE were still simply models who’d been hired and taught a few wrestling moves. Nowadays they’re legitimate athletes, putting on the same athletic, choreographed stunt-shows as their male counterparts. They boast talent from MMA (including Ronda Rousey), various women’s sports leagues, and prestigious Japanese promotions — All of whom would not be interested in WWE if it weren’t for their progressive shifts.

So if women’s matches in WWE are no-longer a sexy pillow fight (this happened), then why do Saudi officials have a problem with them? Well, it’s all down to how the women dress.

Even though the male athletes wear far fewer clothes than today’s female athletes, the issue is that the women are showing the slightest bit of skin. Even if they wore full body-suits, as they did at an emotional Abu Dhabi show last year, they’d still be showing too much, in the form of their hair.


Now, I know it’s a different culture, dominated by a different major religion, so it’s not our place to decide what a country does and doesn’t allow. But when many Muslim women are dying for their right to be free of the oppression of their male religious leaders, you have to empathise with that cause. I ask myself sometimes if it’s right to tolerate intolerance? It’s a complex issue.

WWE may be about to have their first all-female wrestling show, but they’ve also added two all-male shows to their calendar year. Evolution was aways going to happen eventually, as the talent of the women’s division has grown enough to justify it. But this is almost literally one step forward and two steps back for WWE — Given that they can now boast one progressive event per year, and downplay two regressive money-grabs.

Women already get less time on WWE TV than men, and are featured in fewer matches on PPV. I figured that Evolution was going to be their way of balancing this act, especially when you include the fact they’ve kept up their all-female summer tournament for the second year-running. But with events for Saudi Arabia, where women have only just been given the right to drive, the cynical side of me is screaming that WWE are only making these progressive steps, so they can pocket $450million in royal money with a clean conscience.

Today is Thursday, October 11th and political attack ads in the US should be illegal. You can literally say whatever you want.

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