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Hello fellow readers, writers, bloggers and all-round wonderful people. I’m going to be taking this week away from my daily blogging, in order to finish the first draft of my YA dystopian novel.

I’ve been at the final stretch of 15,000 words for a week or so now, and struggled to get much actual writing done last week, as I procrastinated with other projects (this blog, podcasting, the heavy cloud of depression and stench of failure as a functioning human (those last two aren’t creative projects, but they take up around the same amount of time)).

So I’m going to climb the mountain and finish my book this week, all before I begin rewriting, cutting, pasting, hacking, chopping and generally trying to not burn everything I’ve written.

I’m (mostly) joking there, I really do believe in this story and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Thank you to anyone who’s been reading my words over these last three months, this blog is growing faster than I expected and I’d like to thank the person who’s reading this sentence at this exact moment in time — You’re a next-level human.

Be good to each other, do that kind thing for that stranger that you’ve been thinking about doing, and I’ll be back on Monday September 10th for more daily ramblings. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter @MattWWriter — I don’t bite, and crucially I also don’t spam.

Today is Monday, September 3rd and I’ll see you on the other side.

Logan Paul Getting Punched in the Face For Money

Last night I fell asleep reading an article about a boxing match between British YouTuber KSI and infamous suicide mocker Logan Paul. I assumed it was a dream. You know, in those final few moments before drifting off — where reality blurs with the subconscious to make something that’s not quite as lucid as either.

It’s not too far-fetched to think that my subconscious would want to see Logan Paul punched in the face repeatedly. Especially as my waking-mind wills it to happen on a regular basis.

So this morning, when I was reading through news, I was surprised to learn that my dream was actually happening — and that it hadn’t been a dream at all. Today, KSI will be boxing Logan Paul and KSI’s younger brother (???) will be boxing Jake Paul in an event that’s being marketed as “the most watched in history”.

It’s being streamed on YouTube for $10 a view and is being considered a fairly important event in online streaming. If this show does well, then other companies will seriously look into running PPV events on YouTube.

YouTube is in a bit of a slump at the moment. They’ve had bad press from the likes of the Paul brothers, and many of their long-time content creators are leaving for other platforms and ventures, due to mass demonetisation and changes in policy that result in the creator making less money.

YouTube is still a huge platform, but it’s no longer the democratic video service for the people that it was ten years ago. A content creator can still get noticed, but they’re only likely to “make it” if they’re then signed to a talent agency. Basically, YouTube is now no different to any entertainment industry of the last one-hundred years. You can change the platform, but the game is still the same.

The fight caught my attention because it was the first time I’d heard Logan Paul’s name in a while. I live outside of the YouTube bubble, so unless it crosses over to the mainstream then I’m basically clueless.


Like most people over the age of twelve, I first heard of Logan Paul at the end of 2017, when he uploaded his infamous “tour of Japan” blogs. In these videos he:

  • Ran around in the kinds of Japanese outfits you’d see in the 17th century or old Disney cartoons.
  • Yelled in a Japanese accent at the top of his voice in the middle of a crowded market.
  • “Tokyo is like a real-life cartoon!”
  • Bought a Gameboy Colour, smashed it on the floor and tried to return it to the vendor by saying “mucho brokeno!”
  • Ran around in a Pikachu costume throwing Pokéballs at everything and everyone, including the police.
  • Bought raw fish to shove in the faces of the public.

For those in the West who struggle with the ideas of casual racism and negative stereotypes, how would you feel if you lived in Florida, USA and someone:

  • Ran around in cowboy outfits from 50s westerns, holding plastic pistols and challenging people to duels.
  • Yelled “Yeehaw!” and other things in a mock, old-timey American accent whilst running around a Target.
  • “America is full of stupid people!”
  • Bought a gun, broke the inner-parts (???) and tried to return it to the gun-shop owner by saying “it broke dude, your bad!”
  • Ran around in a Homer Simpson costume throwing doughnuts a cops.
  • Bought fried chicken to shove in the faces of the public.

I bet you’d punch them. I’m not usually someone who bets — but I bet you’d punch them.


This wasn’t even the worst of it, he made headlines for venturing into a Aokiagahara, a Japanese forrest known as a one of the world’s most prevalent suicide sites. In this particular vlog, “team Logang” do their usual schtick of grinning and acting goofy upon finding a body. Then, Logan and his gang of chuckleheads get serious for a moment and stumble through some ill-chosen words about depression and suicide. Minutes later, he’s back to laughing, grinning and milking a man’s tragic death for personal gain.

With this video — that he and his team filmed, edited and uploaded — we got a glimpse into what Logan Paul considers to be acceptable behaviour. It was only after the mainstream backlash that he pulled the video and apologised.

This is worse than making an off-the-cuff tweet, Logan Paul had time to think about this as it was being edited and uploaded.


So now, eight months later, evil Draco Malfoy is back in the YouTube mainstream and in a matter of hours is going to fight one of the UK’s biggest YouTubers in a boxing match. Very few people are discussing his actions in Japan anymore, and for that reason, Logan Paul has already won the fight.

Shame on KSI for working with this guy, in a bout that’s nothing more than a PR cash-grab. In an attempt to save the Logan Paul brand, he’s taking part in something that’s so ridiculous, people will start to remember him as the guy who got beat up by KSI and not the moron who mocked suicide for personal gain.

“But Matt, in this world of constant surveillance, where the spotlight is on our lives 24/7 — shouldn’t we eventually forgive those who make mistakes and allow them to continue their careers?”

Great question!

No, no we shouldn’t.

I’m not asking for Logan Paul to be charged with committing a crime, I’m just asking that he no longer gets to make a living doing what he does. He can go out and get a job in a different vocation, I have no issue with that.

There are millions of content creators the world over who deserve to make a career on YouTube. Half of them are genuinely talented, and all of them have never found a dead body and laughed at suicide.

In a world where we’re all seeking our own personal slice of celebrity — Be it more friends on Facebook, more followers on Twitter or a successful Instagram — Those who deserve it are the people that reflect the best aspects of our societies.

Even the most introverted of us get a little kick out of life when a few more people are paying attention from afar. It’s an attention culture; A war for the most pairs of eyes.

Throughout history we’ve put the best artists and the worst people on pedestals, but with the internet age we have the chance to vote with our attention. We should continue to champion the best artists, but also the best and kindest people.

I say all this, but it’s entirely idealistic, especially considering one of the worst celebrities of the last fifty years is the current President of the United States.

The more likely outcome from all of this is that the 4 Billion Subscribed, 3x Boxing Champion, 2x Academy Award Winner and one time child of all the worst aspects of our species — Logan Paul — becomes President in the year 2044 by an absolute landslide. In what will be described by future-historians as “the second worst Republican presidency in history.”

The reactionist in me hopes that Logan Paul is punched square in the face several times tonight, but the cynical realist tells me that he’ll make a million dollars for each one he takes.

Today is Saturday, August 25th and if you follow me on Twitter @mattwwriter, I’ll follow you back — so we can connect and share in each other’s attention.

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Seven Things We Need From WWE: Evolution

Last night WWE made one of their trademark historic announcements. They had been hyping it all weekend, so it had to be either something to do with the women’s division, or Vince McMahon’s transition from his physical body to his new robot form. It was the former — fortunately.

So on October 28th, WWE will have their first ever all-female PPV, branded as WWE: Evolution. It’s set to feature talent from Raw, Smackdown and NXT, and it feels like the perfect time to hold an event like this. Here are seven things we need to see from Evolution — for it to be the success it absolutely needs to be.

1. Equal Marketing

WWE can have this first week of patting themselves on their massive backs, letting the world know how good they are for championing women’s wrestling. I’ll admit that seeing Triple H get choked up during the announcement helped to make everything seem genuine, but when Stephanie spoke it sounded corporate and sterile. It’s as though one of them is a McMahon, and the other is a human being.


I want to see promoting and hyping of amazing matches between talented women. They need to use phrases like “dream match” or “explosive rivalry” and not “world’s first” or “hey look, women exist!”

It’ll probably end up being a mix of both, but true equality would be promoting it like any other PPV. Call it historic, but don’t pull the attention away from the talent.

2. Heavy NXT Involvement

It’s no secret that the best women’s matches in WWE are taking place on the black and yellow brand. Here, the women are given time to develop their characters, and aren’t reduced to sterile, ten minute matches on RAW, that are designed to sell merchandise.

This time last year, Shayna Baszler could barely string a match together, and now I’d put her in the conversation for being one of the best women across all three brands — certainly the most improved. Talent like Shayna, Kairi Sane, Bianca Belair and Candice LeRae have been working too hard for too long to be left off this show.

Personally, I’d like to see a multi-woman match for the NXT Women’s title, involving these names. Or perhaps have them take on women from the main roster in singles matches. Shayna vs Ronda, anyone?


3. Crown Sasha and Bayley

With the rumours of Women’s Tag Team Championships heading our way, it makes perfect sense to hold a tournament soon, across all brands, to crown the inaugural champions. Sometimes the obvious booking is the best path to take.

This on-again-off-again feud between the two friends might actually all make sense, if they end up staying strong enough to capture the gold. The feud technically started back in January, and its been stop-start ever since, but WWE can pass it all off as “long-term storytelling” if they win the tournament.

The duo would also be a safe pair of pair of hands to carry the tag-team division in its infancy. Both are proven workers who’ve put on amazing matches in the past, and this story could be what Bayley needs to get her career back to where it was during her NXT days. And Sasha away from “BOSS TIME!”


4. Get the Titles on Credible Wrestlers

I’ll defend Alexa Bliss as a character all day long, because I was one of those people defending The Miz back in 2010, when he also couldn’t put together a good match. Carmella? Well, don’t ask me about Carmella.

My point is that a lot of people will be watching Evolution with a fairly sceptical mindset. So they need to be blown away with some incredible in-ring work, which 80% of the talent are absolutely capable of delivering. It just so happens that the two current main-roster champions fall in the 20%.

Taking the belt from Alexa at SummerSlam and giving it to Ronda feels like a no-brainer, as Ronda should probably headline Evolution, being the crossover star that she is. I just hope they have the good sense to take the title from Carmella, and give it to Becky Lynch or Asuka. Oh wow — Becky vs Asuka for the championship sounds like a lot of fun.

5. An Elimination Chamber Match


Back in the day, before Elimination Chamber became a branded once-yearly event, they’d put the stipulation match wherever it needed to go, when an event demanded it. Let’s not talk about ‘December to Dismember’.

I was looking at the list of talent between the three rosters, and it’s no surprise that they have more deserving names than they would have time on a PPV — especially if they’re all singles matches. So, to fix this issue — and to bring a hype non-title match into the mix — I’m pitching an inter-brand EC match, where the winner gets a title shot.

It could be three women from Raw, two from Smackdown and one from NXT — to reflect the respective roster sizes. Or just three each from the main roster, or two from each. I don’t really mind, it’d just add a little something to the proceedings.

6. Mae Young Classic Final to Steal the Show

Book me like one of your Japanese girls.

Give the match 20+ minutes and have it be between Io Shirai and Toni Storm, and watch the world be blown away. These two women are in the top ten wrestlers on the planet — male or female.


Let it play out like Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate from Takeover Chicago in 2017 — a match that surprised everyone by how good it was, as it had the “less over” names involved. Let them work a Stardom strong-style, and win over the hearts and minds of every single member of the WWE Universe.

7. Do it Again!

Don’t let this be a one-off. Go into the show with the mindset that it has to be so good, that people will want to see it again in October 2019. It’s a make or break moment for women’s wrestling in the mainstream. WWE fans already want women to succeed, but for casual fans to be won-over, this show needs to be mind-blowing.

And it can be WWE, you have the talent — you just need to let them do their thing.

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