Shutdown (Reprise)

We’re on the brink of a government shutdown and it’s all because The Actual President of the Actual United States of America can’t secure money for his giant wall on the Mexican border.

The House has passed a bill with a budget for the border wall, but it’s expected to fail to get through the senate today.

To briefly recap to anyone out of the loop — Back in 2015 Trump promised his band of exploited and disenfranchised followers a giant wall to help keep illegal immigrants out. He promised that Mexico would be the ones to pay for the wall. He has spent the last twelve months trying to get US taxpayers to pay for the wall.

Trump and his usual group of petrified yes-men in congress are the only people in government who actually want the wall. All Democrats, and a surprising portion of Republicans recognise it as either amoral, unethical or simply a waste of money.

It’s an entirely symbolic solution, and not one that contains a remote amount of practicality.

Many estimates have been put forward over the last three years in regards to the cost of the wall. With experts claiming anywhere between $15billion and $70billion in construction, and $150million and $750million in annual upkeep.

Not to mention the fact that all of the money America currently spends on border security — Armed patrols, officers, detention centres, concentration camps — They will still need funding on top of these new wall budgets.

You can’t just put up a 30ft high wall and then leave it alone, people will still try to climb and cross as they do now. So to feel safe, the American people will still need all of the existing security as well as the wall itself.

Even if we take the lowest estimates, of which I can only find FOX as a source for. But even if we just take those figures, that’s still a lot of money the American people will have to fork out in order to fulfil the dreams of an insane man.

“I’m going to build a wall, it will be 30ft high and Mexico will pay for it!”


So the government is set to go into shutdown if this funding can’t be secured, with certain departments and branches closing as early as Friday night.

Both sides will blame each other, as is tradition, and both will have a legitimate reason to do so. You see, strangely, this shutdown isn’t entirely Donald Trump’s fault, even though he’s the one making the ridiculous demands in regards to immigration.

Do you remember how Democrats complained that Republicans stopped them from passing legitimate healthcare reform? And now (some) Republicans are complaining that Democrats are stopping them from building a wall.

Neither of these things are bad, it’s just democracy doing its thing. As much as I want Universal Healthcare for America, I can’t be too mad about Obama’s failure to pass strong and decent reform, because it failed in a democratic process.

So the wall needs to fail. Not because this liberal, snowflake cuck says so, but because the majority of elected officials do. As well as the majority of Americans themselves. So this isn’t really anyone’s fault (or it’s everyones), democracy is just doing its thing and Trump will have to concede that America does not want this wall.

If, by some evil miracle from the dark lord himself, funding is secured for the wall and construction starts before 2020, I think it’ll help Trump with his original core base of voters, and Trump knows this.

Even if it’s paid for by taxpayers and costs drastically more than Trump has estimated, and also doesn’t solve any legitimate immigration issues, his core followers will see that he promised a wall, and a wall is what they’re getting.

Imagine you’re promised a free meal by your boss, to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve done this year. Except after you arrived at the restaurant, and ordered your meal, your boss announces that you’re now paying for the meal.

You shrug and think, “Oh well, I guess that’s okay, I only ordered a pasta salad.” But then the boss says you have to pay for his meal as well — A real vanity plate of wealth, with lobster, caviar and golden truffles.

You’re pretty angry at this point, but you feel as though you can’t say anything because he’s your boss, and he’s fired people in the past.

You pay the extortionate bill at the end, nervously wondering how you’re going to pay for Christmas for your family this year. But hey, at least you’ve been fed, you’ve had a meal out with the boss and he likes you.

Then, he slaps you on the arse and says in an excited voice, “Come on, let’s go puke it all up onto a homeless dude while you thank me over and over for a wonderful dinner!”

As you push two fingers down your throat, you squeak out little “Thank-yous”, before sicking up onto your own shoes. That’s them ruined.

I think the analogy ran away from me a little there, but the point is that this grand plan isn’t what was originally promised, and while his followers should continue to support him on his other policies (name one?), this is one they should fight back on.

If I were a MAGA-head, I’d be so mad that Mexico wasn’t paying for the wall that I also wouldn’t want this bill to pass. If I were a MAGA-head, I wouldn’t want to be puking on my own shoes.

I suppose the one good thing about the wall potentially being built, is that when we crawl out of this facist-lite hole most of our species are currently in, we can collectively bring down the wall as an act of unity and Make Earth Great Again.

See, that even spells MEGA — An actual word!

In the age of austerity, it’s probably only fitting that tattered walls are the new golden statues built to the sky to glorify one man.

Today is Friday, December 21st and it’s always better to try something and fail than to never try at all. That whole thing Yoda said is American Dream BS.

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I was reminded of the word “Youthquake” on a podcast this week. It was a word used to describe the young voter turnout during the UK General Election in 2017. Whether young people are better represented or not is up for debate, but something that’s clear to me in the dying days of 2018, is that we badly need a youth movement in politics.

I’m sat watching highlights from a discussion in the Oval Office between Trump, Pence, Pelosi and Schumer and I’m embarrassed for a generation that has refused to hand over power to people in their forties and fifties, let alone my generation.

I’m sorry, I just checked — Mike Pence is 59 years old. Although given the fact that he just sat there like a barely sentient showroom dummy, I don’t think he’s doing any favours for the fifty-somethings of America.

The squabble, and it was a squabble, was over the approaching government shutdown. This shutdown is due to happen because Trump can’t secure funds for his wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

Trump was the least surprising of the group, given that he was just his usual self. His sort of wound-tight ego never changes — And why would he? It got him to the highest office in the land.

He’ll be at the end of all things and still be bragging about something he just did.

“I do the most solid s**ts — Nobody has seen s**ts as solid as mine. The nursing staff love dealing with my s**t!”

— Trump, aged 76

Pelosi and Schumer are still playing the game that Trump beat in 2016. They might be closer to my political stance than others in the room, but they’re still from that old-guard of politician.

The sort that see it all as one big game, complete with addressing the TV camera instead of your colleague because that’s how you best reach the people; The illusion of a strong democratic discussion.

They’re ill-prepared, with a lack of facts, statistics and case studies. Instead of explaining coldly, calmly and concisely why a border wall is a populist idea that’s designed to secure the votes of extremists and tear lives apart in the process — And that we see through it. We instead get…

“Your wall bad, you cause shutdown.”

“No I don’t, build wall.”

“Won’t build wall.”

“Then shutdown.”

“Your wall bad, you cause shutdown.”

And so on.

Those aren’t their exact words, I should point that out. Although the gaps between each of those lines could be the words of Mike Pence, because he said absolutely jack all in that entire meeting.

The older guard, the Pelosi’s and Schumer’s of the world, don’t want to challenge the status-quo of politics. They want to keep everything as a points-scoring system, so that they can read about how they won in the morning papers.

Trump claimed to play a different game in the 2016 election, and to an extent he did, but he’s still a part of the swamp he promised to drain. He parades around as though public service is a birthright and not a civil duty. And he still watches the morning news to see if he won.

For better or worse, the public can hear your political opinion and “winning” viewpoint via social media. What we want during official meetings is progress, otherwise cracks start to form in this whole illusion of power thing you have going on.

Can’t make progress by agreeing? Then have gritty, intellectual discussions and see who comes out on top then. These one-liners and childlike arguments are getting tiresome.

When the young elected officials are saying more in 280 characters than the four of you can in a televised discussion, then something is wrong with the way you’re doing things.

I just realised that I started talking to them directly, even though they’re not here. That’s how fired up this makes me.

Yes, we have members of congress and the house who will be in their early thirties when they begin serving the public. This is an excellent start, and probably also the point in the piece that I should use the term “youthquake” again.

I know it’s tempting to single-out specific names, because some are living up to the job description of elected representative of the people extremely well. But the way we change the game is to empower the ideas over the individuals.

If we want this whole social-democracy to work, in which people receive fair representation and treatment by the government, we can’t put individuals on too high a pedestal.

But what we can say, with confidence, is that one of these images looks more like modern American society than the other.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 08.55.30

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 08.55.41These are the new members of the house of representatives for the Democrats and Republicans. I’ll leave it to you to decide who best represents America.

And to all the fragile caucasian men out there, we still make up the equal-biggest demographic in the top image.

Politicians should represent the views and will of the people. And while you don’t have to belong to the same specific demographic as someone else to represent their views, a democracy is healthy when people from all backgrounds are represented.

Now, back to the whole age thing. Youthquake and all that.

After watching four baby boomers squabble like point-scoring children whilst sat in the highest office in the land, I couldn’t help but see that four members of the same generation currently represent the entire county.

That feels wrong, and it sounds wrong when you listen to them. The vast majority of people born before 1961 are now retired, and they should have their views represented by a proportionate number of people.

Instead, most of the people in office are representing them and playing their old game on their behalf.

I don’t know, maybe a Youthquake is coming and everything will be fine. The point is that it should’ve happened already. The last four Presidents have been Baby Boomers — Let that one sink in as well.

It’s not that we don’t love you baby-boomers (I really do), it’s just that it’s time other generations had a crack.

We also need to find a better word than Youthquake. It was tedious to type out, and on top of that I’m probably going to make it the title of this flimsy and disjointed morning jumble of words.

Today is Wednesday, December 12th and my 2018 Spotify playlist has more new music than 2017 did.

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Election Day Hangover

I ended up watching a stream of the BBC election night coverage. I gave the American channels a go, but they were either too loud or too dumbed-down. Election night is supposed to be a mix of complex issues, tight races and bright colours, and the BBC provides all of that.

Don’t give me any grief about illegally streaming the BBC News Channel. I paid my licence fee as a student, where many others did not, and so I feel like I’m owed the occasional broadcast in my life overseas.

Don’t worry Tony Hall, I’m not illegally watching your precious Bodyguard. I bet you can’t believe your luck, can you? That the hot-guy-generic-plot formula has worked for you yet again.


I’m feeling sort-of neutral about the mid-terms, because everything happened as expected. You’ll hear both sides claiming victory, and they’re right to do so. Neither party did anything unexpected, but Democrats had to take the House and Republicans had to hold on to the Senate.

Trump is seeing this as a personal victory, due to the fact that the “blue wave” was a mere blue ripple. Only getting covered in a little bit of bird shit is not a victory, it’s just not quite as bad as falling head-first into a cart full of manure.

Although, if you’d been told by the media for months that you are to expect a head-first dive into a steaming pile of horse dung, and all that happens is a seagull craps on your left shoulder — Then I guess you’d be celebrating.

“We have the best, American-made seagulls, okay? I welcome the white substance that is now upon my person. This creamy puddle of waste even says it’ll vote for me! Sean Hannity, get up here and talk to the people!”

Trump says that the candidates who kept to his party-line were re-elected and those who didn’t are now gone. That’s not strictly true, as most Floridian candidates distanced themselves from Trump on issues such as climate change and immigration, and many Republicans found re-election there.

A huge positive for America as a whole is the higher-than-usual voter turnout. It’ll be some time before we see the official figures, but most are predicting that they’re extremely high for midterm elections. A higher voter turnout means a stronger Democracy, and while 50-60% is far from perfect, it’s better than the usual 40%.

There were still huge pockets of eligible voters who didn’t cast a vote this time around, and that’s okay. We have two years to convince them otherwise. Especially as those who support nationalism (he said it, he called himself a nationalist) are already casting their votes.

In theory those who remain are the apathetic middle, who’re sick of the back and forth of American politics — Which is a fair viewpoint to have. What I would say to those people is that you can make all of that go away by voting against the party who is currently trying to divide America in ways we haven’t seen for decades.


Beto O’Rourke didn’t win in Texas, but he fought the incumbent Ted Cruz to within 250,000 votes. Texas is officially purple. Either that or they recognise that Beto is a good human being regardless of his party affiliation. He had an uphill battle, like most Democratic senate races this time around, but fought respectfully to serve the people of his state.

This certainly won’t be the last we’ll hear of Beto. If you can nearly turn Texas blue in a senate race, then you’ll be making a presidential campaign bid in the future, perhaps as early as 2020.

I wouldn’t be mad at this, what the Democratic party needs more than anything else right now is youth. Every time I hear Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden speak, I can feel how out of touch they are. Their hearts are in the right place, but their time has been and gone. I probably shouldn’t be saying that about the future speaker of the house but, for me, it’s the truth.

Bernie Sanders is about the only member of the old-guard who still sounds like an idealistic thirty-year-old, albeit with the surly undertones of a hippy grandfather who has been through some serious political battles.

I want Bernie to act as the Professor-X to a whole team of young Democrats who’re all under the age of fifty. They can call them the B-Men, or the S-Men, or maybe a more gender-neutral term. Even though I’m fairly certain the term ‘X-Men’ is gender neutral because many of them are women.

Young people voted somewhat this time around, but many still dread the idea of casting a vote for some old guy who doesn’t inspire them. Get Beto on stage with his bass guitar and have him finger-away for seven-minutes straight and I guarantee that’ll get young people to the polls. He might have to stream Fortnight on Twitch for a few weeks to gain some extra credibility, but I’m sure that’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make.


Arizona’s senate race is still officially too close to call, but either way Arizona will be sending their first female senator to DC, and that’s a huge step towards equality. It was a battle billed as activist vs veteran, with the Republicans spending millions on vicious attack-ads against Kyrsten Sinema.

The truth of the race is that both women are ideologically strong, and both are good choices for the state of Arizona. I just always side with the candidate who isn’t launching attack-ads, and is instead stating what they stand for. It’s not my fault they usually happen to be Democrats.

In a way, these midterms have kept everything business as usual. Democrats were expected to take the house and Republicans were expected to hold the senate. These events are typical of the first elections following a new President.

I know many were hoping for a blue wave, but personally all I hoped for was Democratic control of the house. For what it’s worth I read a lot of blogs from people on both sides of the aisle, and it has only been right-wing blogs who have been touting the “laughable idea of a blue wave”, whereas liberal bloggers have remained quietly optimistic at most.

Before I sign-off for the day, I want to warn my fellow filthy lefties about the right-wing controlling our narrative. They think we want communism and so they brand us as communists.

In reality we want someone left of centre who makes most people happy and tries their best, so we can all go back to talking about the politics of Game of Thrones, instead of this impossible Game of Trumps everyone seems to be playing with our lives right now.

Today is Wednesday, November 7th and if anyone rats me out over the licence fee thing I’ll be livid.

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“Punished For Drinking”

The Kavanaugh hearings have people both physically and digitally discussing a variety of issues. The whole process is being seen as a tangible measuring-stick for the state of women’s rights and sexual assault survivors in this country. We’ve been discussing the fragility of modern politics, and how both sides holding down partisan lines has shown the lack of cooperation in current American political systems. Many people have simply been discussing whether or not the actions carried-out in your younger years, should have a lasting effect on your future, and that’s what I’d like to write about today, if you’ll allow.

Wait, it’s my blog — I don’t need your permission. Remember though, consent is absolutely necessary in most other aspects of life.

I’ve seen a fair few opinion pieces suggest that Kavanaugh’s actions in high school and college should not have an impact on the decision process to place him on the supreme court. Most of these articles say that if evidence becomes conclusive that he sexually assaulted Dr Ford, then he shouldn’t be confirmed — However if it’s just the excessive drinking in his youth that we’re talking about, then it doesn’t matter how much he drank, it was all on his past.

During his hearing, Kavanaugh portrayed himself as a golden-child who could do no wrong. Sure, he admitted to cracking a few beers open on a weekend with his pals — but he only drank beer and he certainly didn’t drink on weekdays. It’s becoming apparent from his classmates that he lied under oath, as many of them are coming forward and claiming that he drank to excess on a regular basis, and not just beer at that.

One of his friends at college, Charles Ludington, had this to say in a statement released on Sunday:

“On many occasions I heard Brett slur his words and saw him staggering from alcohol consumption, not all of which was beer. When Brett got drunk, he was often belligerent and aggressive.”

Now, it’s clear from this statement that Kavanaugh lied under oath. Personally, I don’t really care that he drank to excess in college — If anything it actually makes him more human, as I don’t know many people who didn’t party a little too much in their college years. I do care about the lies though, and that a potential future supreme court judge misrepresented himself. If he can’t represent himself, how is he going to represent the interests of American people?

If he were applying for a job at a grocery store then I wouldn’t care about the fact that he drank to excess in college and subsequently lied about it. Even if he were applying for a job at a stock brokers, at an estate agents or even as a harpoon salesman — I wouldn’t care about the lack of clarity on his college drinking habits.

Okay, maybe if he had to physically handle the harpoons. I don’t need some old dude getting hammered and lobbing harpoons at potential customers. However, if it’s entirely telesales-based? Well then I don’t care if he still drinks to excess, as long as he shows up for work and shifts a heck-tonne of harpoons.


Kavanaugh is not applying for any of these jobs, and we all know that. I think (perhaps) some members of the public who’re complaining about democrats stalling don’t fully understand the importance of the supreme court in America.

You know what, it’s unfair to only assume ignorance on one side of the political spectrum, I’m trying to be more mindful of statements like that and I apologise. I bet that some people who don’t want to see Kavanaugh on that seat are also jumping on a band-waggon of misinformed opinion in order to achieve a quick political victory. That sucks no matter which side of the aisle you land on.

No matter what happens legally, the minimum appropriate consequence for Kavanaugh’s actions, is that he doesn’t get to make it onto the highest court in the land — possibly the world. At this juncture nobody is asking that a man be sent to jail, simply that he not be considered for the best job in his field.

Forgiveness absolutely should be a key principal of our society. Actions should have appropriate consequence, but we achieve peace and mindfulness when we eventually learn to release hatred we have built-up for someone. If Kavanaugh had simply been accused of drinking too much in college (and had been honest about it under oath) and nothing else, then I’m certain that the majority of Americans would’ve forgiven him and he’d be America’s Next Top Supreme Court Judge — But that’s not the whole story, is it?

You see, when people make the single point that a man is currently being punished for actions carried out over thirty years ago, they’re not being fair to the complexity of the situation. This is not a scenario you can boil down to one simple headline, or one sixty-second rant on a TV news network. This process and these hearings are difficult, messy and multifaceted.

When people reduce these heatings to that single point, they ignore a few key components:

  • Kavanaugh is accused of something that the vast majority of us did not do in college — sexual assault.
  • Kavanaugh lied under oath about his behaviour at college, multiple times.
  • This isn’t a regular job interview, this is a process to decide who holds one of the most powerful positions in America, for life.

When some people hyperbolically suggest that everyone in America will now have to be punished for the stupid things they did in high school, they’re being intentionally flippant in order to detract from the seriousness of this very specific situation.

Those who committed crimes, such as sexual assault, in high school may one day be held accountable, but those who simply drank to excess and partied (consensually) will be able to hold any job they desire without consequence. Including harpoon salesman.

We still have a forgiving society, for the most part. When people are punished in the public eye it’s either because they currently stand on a celebrity pedestal far above the rest of us, or because they’re applying for a job that will have a profound effect on the average citizen.

To anyone under the age of twenty-one who is reading this — Have fun and let loose every once in a while. As long as you don’t assault anyone (can’t believe some older generations needed that one spelling out for them) you’ll still be able to do whatever you want in this life.

Today is Monday, October 1st and there’s a real sense that Halloween starts early in America. Very spooky.

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The Kavanaugh Hearings

Well yesterday was an ugly mess that showed the worst sides of both our society and species. I wish I could segue that into something trivial, some movie that came out or other incident that happened yesterday, but I can’t. I’m talking about the Kavanaugh hearings — His accuser’s account and personal testimony, as well as the subsequent defence of his own character.

Dr Ford answered questions from the committee for several hours, about an extremely traumatic moment in her life. She had previously submitted to a polygraph test, which she passed, and called for an FBI investigation in order to dig out more substantial evidence than two people talking to a room full of senators. Her answers were raw, honest and largely direct — only becoming evasive when details pertained to someone other than herself or Kavanaugh.

It’s not my place to be the judge on whether or not Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr Ford, but what was clear from her testimony yesterday is that this trauma is very real to her. Given that she is of a sound mind, holds a prestigious job and has nothing to gain from coming forward (and much to lose), I believe her version of events.

Another telling moment during Ford’s portion of the hearing was the fact that Republican senators would not speak to her directly, instead they hired an attorney to ask the questions for them. Think about that — ten ageing white men wouldn’t look a female victim in the eye to ask some important questions. Meanwhile, Democrats managed to talk to both Dr Ford and Kavanaugh for the allotted time.

Brilliantly, the attorney they hired (Rachel Mitchell) made it clear in her closing statement to Dr Ford that this is not a sufficient form of investigation, or a fair way of questioning a survivor of assault. This was likely in defence of her own reputation, but still, it was a touching moment.

No matter what happens today and in the coming weeks, I’m certain that Dr Ford’s bravery will have a positive impact on out society. My hope is that it encourages more people to come forward about historical sexual abuse, so we can continue to root out the real monsters of this world.

Of course, the overall message that will likely be sent is that you can testify about the person who sexually assaulted you, but that person will still be elected onto the highest court in the land — Which isn’t a message a country should be sending to its children.

Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington

Before I dissect some of the things Kavanaugh had to say, I want to say that I have no democratic issue with a Republican being sworn onto the supreme court. They have control of the senate, this is a democratic process. Even though they delayed Obama’s nomination in 2016 for even longer, so that Trump could name and the senate majority could appoint Neil Gorsuch, this is the game of democracy. Any “delaying tactics” that Democrats are guilty of, Republicans did the exact same thing eighteen months ago and they know it.

Yesterday afternoon Kavanaugh appeared before the committee and gave an emotional, pre-written statement. The statement was largely about his good character, in that he has attended a lot of reputable institutions and held high positions in society. It struck me as odd that this would be his defence against sexual assault. Friends and people I know who’ve been a victim of assault, have always been abused by someone in a position of power.

People who do a lot of good things are still capable of doing bad things. People aren’t morally black and white, every single person on this planet is a shade of grey. And yet Kavanaugh’s defence is that he’s pearly and glistening.

He refused a fact-finding investigation from an independent body, he refused a polygraph test. His friends won’t testify under oath, they simply sent in six-sentence letters. He became evasive during most, if not all, of the questioning carried out by Democratic senators and he grinned during the allotted five-minute interview sessions with each Republican senator.


In a “Veep” or “The Thick of It”, real-life political satire moment, he tried to claim that his yearbook entry about partaking in “The Devil’s Triangle” was a drinking game. What that actually refers to is having a threesome. I would’ve respected Kavanaugh more if he openly said that referred to a consensual threesome he had with X and X — but instead he stumbled through some lie about the meaning of a slang term.

I agree that we cannot legally and conclusively say that Kavanaugh attempted to rape Dr Ford when they were both in high school. Two testimonies in a hearing are not enough to prove anything, we all feel what we feel, but none of us beyond the people who were there truly know.

However, what this hearing proved (something that the American Barr Association agrees with as of this morning) is that Kavanaugh is not fit to serve on the highest court in the land. Even if we ignore the allegations against him, he showed that he’s volatile, hostile and extremely partisan. This is not the kind of person who should be sitting on the supreme court.

My wife pointed out that the number of times she’s become as passionate and angry as Kavanaugh spoke in some of his responses and she’s been told to “calm down” or to “smile more” are countless. When women behave the way Kavanaugh did they are branded as hysterical by Republican senators, and yet what they heard from Brett was an impassioned defence? Give me a break.

I think that Republicans should have their nomination, and have their man on the supreme court, it just clearly shouldn’t be Kavanaugh. In fact, if I were a Republican senator I would’ve cut my losses the moment the allegations surfaced and started to interview another candidate for the job, to swear him (Trump was never going to nominate a woman) in before November. Not that I want to give them any ideas on how to play the game properly.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford And Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Testify To Senate Judiciary Committee

Democrats are guilty of playing the game of democracy, by holding onto Dr Ford’s letter for two months before releasing it. Shame on them for that, sexual assault allegations should be addressed immediately and not used as delaying tactics.

Republicans are guilty of backing a man who has at least one credible accusation surrounding him, a man who refuses an independent investigation or lie-detector exam. Shame on them for continuing to openly support a man who is clearly unqualified, just for a win.

November is fast approaching and women won’t forget what happened yesterday. They won’t forget the image of ten grown men refusing to talk to a victim of sexual assault — That was a powerful statement, and a mistake on their part.

Brett Kavanaugh said something interesting in his opening statement, he said:

“This grotesque and coordinated character assassination will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from serving our country.”

No Brett, it will only dissuade those who’ve done morally reprehensible things in their past, and I’d say that’s a good thing.

For the love of equality, America and democracy — Please vote in November.

Today is Friday, September 28th and how old is Chuck Grassley? He kept getting people’s names wrong and saying contradictory statements.

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